Wedding Hair Jewelry

Wedding Hair Jewelry Find the most extensive & varied selection of bridal hair jewelry and hair accessories including wedding hair combs, hair vines, barrettes & hair clips from the industry's renowned couture bridal hair jewelry designers. Bridal hair jewelry adds the defining details to your hair style and can set the tone to your overall look.

Find statement crystal hair combs with a modern vintage vibe from Erin Cole , as well as hair swags & her unqiue spray hairpins. For those seeking effortless bohemian style or soft vintage bridal hair accessories, look no further than our collection from Paris by Debra Moreland. Paris offers vintage pearl & crystal hair vines and combs [Read More]
Floral Bridal Hair Comb
Code: HC98-RD_WO
Price: $400.00
Filippa Gold Foliage Bridal Hair Vine
Code: T6044
Price: $195.00
Glynnis Crystal & Pearl Floral Hair Vine
Code: T6045
Price: $225.00
Hilton Crystal Glam Hair Clip
Code: hilton-clip
Price: $235.00
Crystal Bridal Hair Comb with Vintage Roses
Code: HC-256
Price: $187.50
Small Vintage Hair Comb
Code: Adelaide
Price: $195.00
Collette Small Hair Comb Set
Code: Collette-Hair-Ornaments
Price: $315.00
Crystal & White Opal Bridal Hair Comb
Code: HC-90
Price: $410.00
Grass Harp Bridal Hair Comb
Code: grass-harp-comb
Price: $175.00
Forgiveness Vintage Bridal Headpiece
Code: forgiveness-comb
Price: $512.50
Heal The World Flower Comb
Code: heal-the-world-comb
Price: $300.00
Sherri Bridal Hair Vine, Headband
Code: Sherri-Vine
Price: $335.00
Delicate Leaf Vine
Code: LE1924X-vine
Price: $300.00
Organza Flowers Bridal Hair Comb with Pearl Sprays
Code: Elle-and-jae-433
Price: $125.00
Best of Joy Large Boho Chic Hair Comb
Code: best-of-joy-lg
Price: $275.00
Best of Joy Vintage Flower Hair Comb
Code: Best-of-Joy-hair-comb
Price: $187.50
Lena Horne Pearl & Crystal Bridal Comb
Code: lena-horne-comb
Price: $365.00
Marquis Crystal Hairpin with Pearls
Code: 3694-SP
Price: $150.00
Ariana Crystal Hair Comb Set
Code: ariana-hair-comb-set
Price: $230.00
Statement Crystal Bridal Comb
Code: HC233
Price: $438.00
Susanna of the Mounties Hair Wreath
Code: susanna-mounties-wreath
Price: $415.00
Little Foxes Hair Wreath
Code: little-foxes
Price: $465.00
Zoe Crystal Bridal Hair Comb
Code: zoe-comb
Price: $230.00