Fashion Bracelets & Cuffs

Fashion Bracelets & Cuffs This season it's all about "Statement Jewelry". Chunky necklaces, multi chains are hot, but sometimes you need a change in direction. A fabulous cuff, several bangles or layered bracelets is all you need to make your outfit fabulous. Did we say wrist candy to envy?
Must have Petite CZ Bracelet
Code: B328
Price: $42.00
Leather & Baguette Bracelet 3 colors
Code: B265
Price: $28.00
"T" Bar Cuff
Code: B00280
Price: $15.00
Trio of Geometric Cuffs
Code: B20093-95-96
Price: $36.00
Dotted Rhinestone Cuff Set
Code: B00217
Price: $20.00
Rectangular Linked Antique Gold Bracelet
Code: 1785G
Price: $46.00
Triple Strand Scroll Bracelet
Code: 1739G
Price: $69.00
Black Leather Wrap Bracelet with Crystals
Code: BN24390-BR-BLK
Price: $60.00
Leather Bracelet with Black Diamond Crystal
Code: MBX-673BR-AG
Price: $49.00
Industrial Strength Silver Leather Bracelet
Code: BNXY-6817BG-S
Price: $50.00
Industrial Strength Black Leather Bracelet
Code: BNXY-6817BG-BLK
Price: $50.00
Black Leather & Antique Gold Tube Bracelet
Code: BNXM-6770BR-AG
Price: $35.00
Copper Mesh with Mixed Round Crystals Bracelet
Code: FORY-3302BR-CP
Price: $180.00
Braided Chain & Crystal Bracelet
Code: HN-1340BR-S
Price: $102.00
Metal Mesh Gold Cuff SALE!!
Code: D19226
Price: $39.00
Gold Metal Mesh Cuff with Chanel Inset SALE!!
Code: ARM-18265
Price: $64.00
Silver Metal Mesh Cuff with Chanel Inset SALE!!
Code: ARM-18265-Silver
Price: $64.00
Gold Mesh Bracelet with 4 Beaded Rows SALE!!
Code: ARM-15264-Gold
Price: $79.00
Silver Mesh Bracelet with 4 Beaded Rows SALE!!
Code: ARM-15264-Silver
Price: $79.00
Silver Linked Cuff with "S" Mesh Centers SALE!!
Code: ARM-8214-S
Price: $49.00
Triple Strand Metal Disc Stretch Bracelet SALE!!
Code: VG2144-BR
Price: $35.00