Bridal Headbands & Vines

Bridal Headbands & Vines Bridal headbands, hair ribbons, halos and wreaths, clean simple style that is so easy to wear. The variations of the traditional crown, seen in so many unique and beautiful styles on Reign, has certainly had an influence on the variety of bridal hair ribbons and halos seen on the bridal runway for 2015.

Glam it up with filigree designs adorned with crystals and pearls in a halo or a hair ribbon with long ribbon ties, that can also double as a sash. Or go Boho chic, with bridal hair vines and halos adorned with leaves, hand-painted porcelain flowers, crystals and pearls. And for those who want vintage style with a touch of royalty there are gorgeous headbands in silver and gold encrusted with sparkling crystals.
Gilded Rose Crown
Code: 081116AG
Price: $445.00
Dahlia Head Band
Code: 032916MG
Price: $380.00
Dainty Beaded Fern Leaf Hair Vine
Code: 417-hair-vine
Price: $210.00
Wavy Gilded Vintage Flower Headband
Code: 739-flower-headband
Price: $275.00
Vintage Crystal Bridal Headband
Code: Iris-Headband
Price: $315.00
Filippa Gold Foliage Bridal Hair Vine
Code: T6044
Price: $195.00
Glynnis Crystal & Pearl Floral Hair Vine
Code: T6045
Price: $225.00
Darcy Bridal Hair Wrap
Code: Darcy-Hair-Wrap
Price: $227.00
Josephine Hair Wrap
Code: Josephine-sg
Price: $377.00
Slender Oval Brooch Headband
Code: HB102-GD-LS-WO
Price: $540.00
Marshmallow Moon Bridal Hair Vine
Code: marshmallow-moon-vine
Price: $512.50
Rue Plumet Wreath
Code: Rue-Plumet-wreath
Price: $350.00
Susanna of the Mounties Hair Wreath
Code: susanna-mounties-wreath
Price: $425.00
Triple Flower Hair Swag
Code: 514-hair-swag
Price: $165.00
Amalie Bridal Headpiece, Tiara
Code: Amalie-Headpiece
Price: $450.00
Champagne Hair Vine
Code: Champagne-vine-headband
Price: $325.00
Sherri Bridal Hair Vine, Headband
Code: Sherri-Vine
Price: $335.00
Delicate Leaf Vine
Code: LE1924X-vine
Price: $300.00
Gwendolyn Delicate Vintage Bridal Headband
Code: gwendolyn
Price: $575.00
Lucinda Bridal Headpiece
Code: lucinda
Price: $875.00
Emmy, Triple Brooch Bridal Headband
Code: Emmy-Headband
Price: $545.00
Ornate Soft Bridal Headband
Code: HB-54
Price: $625.00
Grace Floral Bridal Headpiece
Code: grace-headpiece
Price: $475.00
Charleston Hair Vine
Code: charleston
Price: $399.00