Fashion, Trendy Earrings

Fashion, Trendy Earrings Fashion, trend right earrings you will love to wear day or night, to the office or all weekend long. Fun & fashionable, easy to wear, go-to styles. Earrings the perfect accessory.
Modern Vintage Elongated Drop Earrings
Code: 9459G
Price: $42.00
Modern Deco Long Drop Earrings
Code: 9463G
Price: $42.00
Petite Dagger Earrings
Code: 9468G
Price: $34.00
Boho Chic Gold Pearl Hoop Earrings
Code: E385-WHGO
Price: $148.00
Large Round Antique Filigree Earrings
Code: ER-6849-CRY
Price: $42.00
Elongated Vintage Floral Design Earrings
Code: ES-8594-CRY
Price: $30.00
Flamenco Earrings
Code: ES-7447-BLK
Price: $60.00
Convertible Starburst Drop Earrings
Code: E386-SCL
Price: $38.00
Blue Mother of Pearl Drop Earrings
Code: E312
Price: $42.00
Convertible Crystal Chandelier Earrings
Code: E218
Price: $52.00
Boho Glam Drop Earrings
Code: E239
Price: $38.00
Filigree Black Crystal Drop Earrings
Code: ER-4706-post-blk
Price: $28.00
Delicate Vintage Crystal Earrings
Code: ER-6653-SAS
Price: $42.00
Vintage Blue Teardrop Dangle Earrings
Code: ER-4046-post-Mon
Price: $68.00
Petite Vintage Teardrop Earrings
Code: ER-4556-Den
Price: $40.00
Multi Crystal Vintage Earrings
Code: ER-4674-MUL
Price: $32.50
Champagne & White Opal Crystal Earrings
Code: ER4566
Price: $48.00
Silver Night Pearl & Crystal Earrings
Code: ES-7937-SNT
Price: $54.00
Dangling Teardrop Earrings, Scroll Design
Code: ES-3111-CSS
Price: $46.00
Elongated Crystal Teardrop Earrings, Shade
Code: 6504G-shade
Price: $50.00
Elongated Crystal Teardrop Earrings, Amethyst
Code: 6504G-Amy
Price: $50.00
Elongated Crystal Teardrop Earrings, Champagne
Code: 6504G-Champagne
Price: $50.00
Convertible Ear Crawlers with Dangle
Code: E348S-CI
Price: $34.00
Convertible Ear Crawlers with Dangle
Code: E348-RG
Price: $34.00