SALE Majorica Jewelry Save 40-60%

SALE Majorica Jewelry Save 40-60% Majorica Pearl Jewelry designed and manufactured in Majorica Spain. Quality pearl jewelry that is guaranteed for life that you'll pass down through generations and wear again and again.

WE'RE DISCONTINUING MAJORICA JEWELRY. Dramatically reduced prices at savings of 40-60%. Great Savings. SHOP NOW!! Availability limited to quantity on hand.
White 8mm Pearl Studs with CZ Accent SALE!!
Code: OME0894SPW
Price: $42.50
Pearl Studs with Sparkle SALE!!
Code: OME1618SW
Price: $67.00
Double Drop Mabe Pearl Earrings SALE!!
Code: OME14029SPW
Price: $59.00
Triple Drop Pearl Earrings SALE!!
Code: OME14028SPW
Price: $65.00
Grey Pearl Drop Earrings SALE!!
Code: 11848SEG
Price: $35.00
Champagne Pearl Studs 10mm SALE!!
Code: 720359VPC-10mm
Price: $25.00
Triple Strand Pearl Bracelet SALE!!
Code: 79001SW
Majorica Six Strand Pearl Bracelet SALE!!
Code: 79004SW
Price: $275.00
Single Strand Pearl Bracelet - 12mm SALE!!
Code: 1BW12AV
Price: $79.00
Single Strand White 16" 8mm Pearls SALE!!
Code: 1W6A16S
Price: $97.50
White Baroque Pearl Pendant with Love Knot SALE!!
Code: OMC12088SW
Price: $60.00
Baroque Pearl Pendant SALE!!
Code: OMC1479SW
Price: $50.00
Majorica Graduated Pearl & CZ Necklace SALE!!
Code: OMC1369SW
Price: $225.00
Pearl & CZ Statement Necklace SALE!!
Code: OMC1370SW
Price: $450.00
Pearl Pendant with Sparkle SALE!!
Code: OMC1618SW
Price: $57.00
Pearl & CZ Charms Pendant SALE!!
Code: OMC1506SW
Price: $47.00
Majorica Butterfly Pearl and CZ Pendant SALE!!
Code: OMC0282SW
Price: $50.00
Majorica Pink Multi Pearl Necklace SALE!!
Code: 783345SMPK
Price: $139.00
Simple Pearl Pendant SALE!!
Code: OMC1477SW
Price: $30.00