Vintage Bridal Earrings

Vintage Bridal Earrings With so much of this season’s wedding inspiration coming from Hollywood’s latest movies & ever so popular TV series, we all have fallen in love with style icons of the past and their absolutely stunning baubles. Whichever your personal fav’, the structure & glamour of art deco, the intricate pearl & crystal details we associate with vintage jewels, or the button upped style of the 50’s, our vintage bridal earring selection covers all the trends of these past era’s.

You’ll find the in influence of Edith Head, Fabergé, and Coco Chanel in our fabulous vintage pieces from Debra Moreland for Paris, a modern sparkling twist to the style of “Old Hollywood” from Cheryl King Couture, as well as chandelier [Read More]
Temptation Crystal & Pearl Earrings Small
Code: Temptation-Small
Price: $238.00
Sandpiper Crystal Bridal Earrings
Code: sandpiper-earrings
Price: $375.00
Roman Holiday Vintage Bridal Earrings
Code: Roman-Holiday
Price: $275.00
Vintage Pearl Drop Earrings
Code: PJ-oval-pear-drop
Price: $90.00
Crystal Cluster with Large Teardrop
Code: E476-EC
Price: $275.00
In the Sweet Vintage Bridal Earrings
Code: In-The-Sweet
Price: $340.00
Vintage Long Drop Earrings
Code: E9753
Price: $150.00
Vintage Pearl Drop Earrings
Code: KE358
Price: $148.00
Vintage CZ Chandelier Earrings with Pearl
Code: KE6285
Price: $225.00
Edwardian CZ Chandelier Earrings
Code: KE480X-CLSL
Price: $325.00
CZ Clip-On Earrings with Blue
Code: KE1116-AGSL
Price: $198.00
Ben Amun Long Vintage Dangle Earrings
Code: 92214
Price: $170.00
Temptation Crystal Bridal Earrings with Pearls
Code: temptation-earrings
Price: $262.50
Bridal Glam Statement Earrings
Code: SW632E
Price: $438.00
Deco Cluster Pearl Drop Earrings
Code: 15165
Price: $120.00
Vintage Chandelier Earrings
Code: 55103
Price: $410.00
Gatsby Glam Pearl Drop Earrings
Code: 05118
Price: $155.00
Deco Glam Drop Earrings
Code: E601
Price: $215.00
Clip-On Bridal Chandelier Earrings
Price: $140.00
Vintage Crystal Teardrop Earrings
Code: 09123-silver
Price: $145.00
Gold Teardrop Earrings
Code: 09123
Price: $145.00
Vintage Bouquet Long Dangle Bridal Earrings
Code: PJD81014-9G
Price: $230.00
Gold Rose Ear Cuff Set, Clip-On Earrings
Code: PJC81014-4G
Price: $260.00