Stud Bridal Earrings

Stud Bridal Earrings Stud bridal earrings for those not seeking dramatic chandelier earrings or long drops, but want a little sparkle at their ears. Perfect Details offers simple pearl & crystal stud bridal earrings to more elaborate vintage bridal earring designs as well as colorful crystal studs from Haute Bride, Sorrelli and La Vie Parisienne by Catherine Popesco.

Discover your sparkle with bridal earrings from Perfect Details.

Oval Crystal & Pearl Button Earrings
Code: SW639E
Price: $250.00
Hollywood Glam Marquis Crystal Post Earrings
Code: SW625E
Price: $370.00
Statement Pearl & CZ Stud Earrings
Code: KE388
Price: $138.00
Statement Crystal Stud Earrings
Code: SW632E-Studs
Price: $420.00
Kiss Me, Statement Stud Earrings
Code: Kiss-Me
Price: $187.50
Fancy Crystal Bridal Studs, White Opal
Code: E430-RD-CL-WO
Price: $165.00
Pearl & Crystal Large Stud Earrings
Code: E598
Price: $189.00
Pearl Button Earrings
Code: E573
Price: $238.00
Deco Glam Crystal Clip-On Earrings
Code: 92134-clip-on
Price: $180.00
Vintage Crystal & Pearl Clip-On Earrings
Code: 92208-clip-on
Price: $195.00
Marquis Crystal & Pearl Clip-On Earrings
Code: 92101-clip-on
Price: $205.00
Marquis Crystal Cluster Clip-On Earrings
Code: 92114
Price: $195.00
Fancy Vintage Filigree Stud Bridal Earrings
Code: SW689E
Price: $240.00
Statement Post Earrings
Price: $65.00
Grass Harp Vintage Stud Earrings
Code: grass-harp-earrings
Price: $162.50
Moonlight Waltz Flower Stud Earrings
Code: moonlight-waltz-earrings
Price: $150.00
Prosperity Glam Post Earrings
Code: prosperity-earrings
Price: $225.00
Rose Bouquet Studs in Pearl
Code: PJS915-pearl
Price: $45.00
Rose Bouquet Studs in Antique Gold
Code: PJS915-AG
Price: $45.00
Heart & Soul Pearl Earrings
Code: heart-soul
Price: $197.00
Gold Starburst Stud Earrings
Code: E536
Price: $200.00
Parisian Glam Large Stud Earrings, Shade
Code: 4537PG-shade
Price: $70.00
Parisian Glam Large Stud Earrings, Champagne
Code: 4537PG-champagne
Price: $70.00
Sweet Vintage Pearl Earrings
Code: BD70E
Price: $125.00