Clip On Bridal Earrings

Clip On Bridal Earrings Although most of us have pierced earrings, and some of us many times over, there are a few glamorous gals that don't. And in some cases clip on earrings are more comfortable to wear if one is seeking a large statement earring for their wedding or formal affair.

At Perfect Details we were able to find some unique clip-on bridal earrings in teardrop, chandelier & long drops in wedding earring styles. Also, Debra Moreland, designer for Paris jewelry, is able to convert many of her earring styles to clips. Already in clip-on styles you'll find colorful crystal earrings by Sorrelli & convertible vintage clip-on bridal earrings by Margaret Rowe. The convertible earrings can be worn as clip-on studs [Read More]
Marquis Crystal Cluster Clip-On Earrings
Code: 92114
Price: $195.00
Marquis Crystal & Pearl Clip-On Earrings
Code: 92101-clip-on
Price: $205.00
Deco Glam Crystal Clip-On Earrings
Code: 92134-clip-on
Price: $180.00
Vintage Crystal & Pearl Clip-On Earrings
Code: 92208-clip-on
Price: $195.00
Clip-On Bridal Chandelier Earrings
Price: $140.00
Clip-On Pearl Drops with Crystal Cluster
Code: 92203
Price: $145.00
Vintage Pearl Drop Earrings, Clip-On
Code: PJDC-1114
Price: $180.00
Clip On Black & White Pearl Earrings
Code: KE1330-blk-wh
Price: $148.00
Clip On White & Champagne Pearl Earrings
Code: KE1330-WH-CHAMP
Price: $148.00
Large Crystal Stud Earrings
Code: E558
Price: $215.00
Deco Glam Pearl Drop Clip-On Earrings
Code: 05112
Price: $180.00
Glamorous CZ Clip On Earrings
Code: KE702
Price: $175.00
Rock & Roll Bridal Ear Cuff Set
Code: Rock-n-Roll
Price: $210.00
Vintage Crystal Clip On Earrings
Code: E5811-032
Price: $120.00
Daniela Cluster Clip On Earrings
Code: E4031-032
Price: $87.00
Vintage Crystal Clip On Earrings
Code: taylor-clr
Price: $190.00
Waterfall CZ Chandelier Earrings, Clip On
Code: E1005
Price: $185.00
Monte Carlo Bridal Chandelier Earrings
Code: MonteCarlo
Price: $265.00
Vintage Blue Crystal Statement Clip Earrings SALE!!
Code: BME0415BLBR
Price: $87.00
Crystal Cluster Clip On Earrings SALE!!
Code: 6537CG
Price: $76.00
Bohemian Glam Clip-On Chandelier Earrings SALE!!
Price: $74.00
Oval Crystal Clip-On Earrings SALE!!
Price: $39.00
CZ Clip-On Earrings with Blue
Code: KE1116-AGSL
Price: $198.00