Paris Bridal Hair Jewelry by Debra Moreland

Paris Bridal Hair Jewelry by Debra Moreland Voted accessory designer of the year by the bridal industry, Debra Moreland delights in creating exquisite bridal hairpins, wedding headpieces and bridal jewelry. Currently many of her designs have been featured on the CW's hit TV series Reign.

Discover vintage inspired pearl & crystal bridal hair combs, versatile hair vines, Art Deco hairpins for weddings or formal affairs as well as unique floral designs accented with hand-painted leaves reminiscent of a Mid-Summer Night’s Dream. Her collection of bridal hair wreaths, flexible hair vines and halos are the epitome of Bohemian Glam and define this year's current "Boho Chic" trends. [Read More]
Svengali Opal Crystal Hair Comb
Code: Svengali-Comb
Price: $412.50
By The Sea Pearl & Crystal Comb
Code: By-The-Sea-Comb
Price: $250.00
Pink Lady Gold Comb
Code: Pink-Lady-Gold
Price: $350.00
Pretty Woman Pearl & Crystal Bridal Comb Set
Code: Pretty-Woman-Comb-Set
Price: $338.00
Gossip Combs Bridal Comb Set
Code: Gossip-Combs
Price: $300.00
Grass Harp Bridal Hair Comb
Code: grass-harp-comb
Price: $175.00
Forgiveness Vintage Bridal Headpiece
Code: forgiveness-comb
Price: $537.50
Heal The World Flower Comb SALE!!
Code: heal-the-world-comb
Price: $195.00
Marshmallow Moon Bridal Hair Vine
Code: marshmallow-moon-vine
Price: $512.50
Best of Joy Large Boho Chic Hair Comb
Code: best-of-joy-lg
Price: $275.00
Best of Joy Vintage Flower Hair Comb
Code: Best-of-Joy-hair-comb
Price: $187.50
Lena Horne Pearl & Crystal Bridal Comb
Code: lena-horne-comb
Price: $387.50
Man in the Mirror Halo Headpiece
Code: man-in-the-mirror
Price: $985.00
Susanna of the Mounties Hair Wreath
Code: susanna-mounties-wreath
Price: $425.00
Rue Plumet Wreath
Code: Rue-Plumet-wreath
Price: $350.00
Nero's Mistress Vine, Bridal Headpiece
Code: Neros-Vine
Price: $550.00
Little Foxes Hair Wreath
Code: little-foxes
Price: $465.00
Lonesome Dove Bridal Hair Comb
Code: Lonesome-Dove
Price: $175.00
Pink Lady Bridal Hair Comb
Code: Pink-Lady
Price: $340.00
Cherry Blossom Hairpins
Code: Cherry-Blossom-Hairpins
Price: $314.00
Cherry Blossom Bridal Hair Comb
Code: Cherry-Blossom-Slide
Price: $200.00
Billie Jean Juliet Cap
Code: Billie-Jean-Cap
Price: $437.50
Montana Moon Small Hair Vine
Code: Montana-Moon
Price: $187.50
Lost Horizon Vine
Code: Lost-Horizon-Vine
Price: $290.00