Paris Earrings by Debra Moreland

Paris Earrings by Debra Moreland Voted "Bridal Accessory Designer of the Year" for the past decade by the bridal industry, Debra Moreland delights in creating exquisite bridal earrings inspired by style icons of the 20's and 40's.

Her vintage inspired bridal chandelier earrings and unique cage earrings offer a variety of glamorous crystal & pearl earring styles for all of life's memorable occasions. Paris also offers more contemporary crystal bridal earrings as well as vintage hand-painted earrings inspired by nature for more casual weddings with a touch of bohemian flair.

Temptation Crystal Bridal Earrings with Pearls
Code: temptation-earrings
Price: $262.50
Kiss Me, Statement Stud Earrings
Code: Kiss-Me
Price: $187.50
Sandpiper Crystal Bridal Earrings
Code: sandpiper-earrings
Price: $375.00
Temptation Crystal & Pearl Earrings Small
Code: Temptation-Small
Price: $238.00
Curly Top Crystal Bridal Earrings
Code: Curly-Top
Price: $265.00
Devotion Pearl Bridal Earrings
Code: devotion
Price: $200.00
Alfie Crystal Chandelier Earrings
Code: Alfie
Price: $237.50
Algiers Crystal Bridal Earrings
Code: Algiers-earrings
Price: $125.00
Grass Harp Vintage Stud Earrings
Code: grass-harp-earrings
Price: $162.50
Prosperity Glam Post Earrings
Code: prosperity-earrings
Price: $237.50
Heart & Soul Pearl Earrings
Code: heart-soul
Price: $197.00
Moonlight Waltz Flower Stud Earrings
Code: moonlight-waltz-earrings
Price: $150.00
Anna Karenina Vintage Bridal Chandelier Earrings
Code: anna-karenina
Price: $380.00
Monte Carlo Bridal Chandelier Earrings
Code: MonteCarlo
Price: $265.00
Paradise Road Heirloom Bridal Earrings
Code: paradise-road-earrings
Price: $525.00
Riptide Deco Glam Earrings
Code: riptide-earrings
Price: $262.50
Marie Antoinette Earrings, Silver
Code: marie-antoinette
Price: $287.50
Marie Antoinette Earrings, Gold
Code: marie-antoinette-gold
Price: $287.50
Funny Bone Pearl Earrings
Code: funnybones
Price: $245.00
Object of Desire Bridal Earrings
Code: object-of-desire
Price: $350.00
Roman Holiday Vintage Bridal Earrings
Code: Roman-Holiday
Price: $275.00
Niagara Crystal & Pearl Chandelier Earrings
Code: Niagara-Paris-Earrings
Price: $435.00
Godfather Waltz Vintage Earrings
Code: Godfather-Waltz-Earrings
Price: $275.00
Shanghai Surprise Vintage Bridal Chandelier Earrings
Code: Shanghai-Surprise
Price: $450.00