Erin Cole Hair Accessories

Erin Cole Hair Accessories Erin Cole offers bridal hair pins and wedding hair accessories that are chic and sophisticated.

Discover crystal bridal combs, amazing back-pieces & intricate bridal headbands & stunning spray hair pins. Erin's spray pins have the look of three smaller pins in one. A unique idea as you don't need to be concerned about the arrangement of three separate pins slipping. [Read More]
Crystal Bridal Hair Comb with Vintage Roses
Code: HC-256
Price: $187.50
Statement Crystal Bridal Comb
Code: HC233
Price: $438.00
Large Teardrop with Chain Drops Hair Comb
Code: HC-217
Price: $325.00
Marquis Crystal Hairpin with Pearls
Code: 3694-SP
Price: $150.00
Starburst Spray Hair Pin
Code: 3752-SP
Price: $200.00
Ornate Crystal & Pearl Spray Hair Pin
Code: 3754-SP
Price: $170.00
Mirror Image Crystal Flower Comb
Code: HC-202-F13
Price: $275.00
Chunky Cluster Hairpins
Code: 3758-SP
Price: $315.00
Crystal & Moon Stone Cluster Hair Pins
Code: 3763-SP
Price: $365.00
Crystal Teardrop Spray Hairpin
Code: 3670-HP
Price: $148.00
Encrusted Leaves Vintage Spray Hairpin
Code: 3706-SP
Price: $164.00
Organza Flower Bridal Hairpins
Code: 3348-SP
Price: $375.00
Crystal Teardrop Bridal Hair Combs
Code: HC-144
Price: $100.00
Gold Encrusted Crystal Comb Set
Code: HC-174
Price: $290.00
Double Comb Crystal Bridal Hair Accessory
Code: HC-186
Price: $350.00
Topaz Crystal Teardrop Back Piece
Code: HC-177
Price: $415.00
Double Leaves Spray Bridal Hair Pin
Code: 3518-SP
Price: $185.00
Black & Clear Crystal Spray Hair Pins
Code: 3598P
Price: $150.00
Ornate Soft Bridal Headband
Code: HB-54
Price: $625.00