Cheryl King Couture Hair Accessories

Cheryl King Couture Hair Accessories Love the sirens of “Old Hollywood”? Love sparkle & glamour? Then take a “Red Carpet” stroll through our collection of bridal hair accessories, combs, headbands & clips from Cheryl King Couture. Created from Swarovski crystals & pearls, along with diamond cut CZ’s. Cheryl’s use of large crystal stones balanced with pearls create statement bridal headpieces for the bold, confident bride, and that reflect her love for “Old Hollywood” glamour. Her crystal hair combs can be worn with just about any hairstyle: as a back piece, to the side or even as a headpiece with a veil. Her smaller hair combs & clips are also fabulous for eveningwear sparkle or to add pizzazz to bridesmaid attire. [Read More]
Breakfast at Tiffany's Tiara
Code: Quinn
Price: $400.00
Crystal Vine Leaf Bridal Headpiece
Code: Sloane-Vine
Price: $450.00
Lucinda Bridal Headpiece
Code: lucinda
Price: $875.00
Marina Crystal & Pearl Bridal Hair Comb
Code: Marina-hair-comb
Price: $685.00
Hilton Crystal Glam Hair Clip
Code: hilton-clip
Price: $235.00
Avril Vintage Glam Hair Clip
Code: avril-hair-clip
Price: $225.00
Crystal Bridal Hair Clip
Code: Bea
Price: $150.00
Small Vintage Hair Comb
Code: Adelaide
Price: $195.00
Ciara Deco Glam Bridal Hair Comb
Code: Ciara-hair-comb
Price: $365.00
Gwendolyn Delicate Vintage Bridal Headband
Code: gwendolyn
Price: $575.00
Emmy, Triple Brooch Bridal Headband
Code: Emmy-Headband
Price: $545.00
Loni Crystal Comb with Pearls
Code: Loni
Price: $370.00
Jocelyn Small Crystal Tiara
Code: Jocelyn
Price: $390.00
Modern Glam Crystal Hair Comb
Code: Shirley
Price: $350.00
Deb Teardrop & Marquis Crystal Comb
Code: Deb
Price: $390.00
Vintage Filigree Bridal Hair Clip
Code: Blythe
Price: $415.00
Vivian Bridal Hair Pin
Code: Vivian-HP
Price: $210.00
Art Deco Hair Comb Set SALE!!
Code: Jada
Price: $219.00
Delicate Vintage Bridal Hair Comb SALE!!
Code: cassie
Price: $219.00
Candice Filigree Crystal Hair Comb SALE!!
Code: Candice
Price: $160.00
Paisley Crystal Bridal Hair Clip
Code: Paisley
Price: $350.00