Wedding Hair Jewelry

Wedding Hair Jewelry Find the most extensive selection of bridal hair accessories including wedding hair combs and hair vines from the industry's renowned couture bridal hair jewelry designers.

Find chic and sophisticated bridal hairpins from Erin Cole , vintage influenced wedding hair combs and barrettes from Regina B.. and Paris, flirty and feminine wedding flower hair pins from Sara Gabriel, and glamorous "Hollywood Glam" hair jewelry from Haute Bride, and more.

From wedding hair clips to jeweled bridal hair combs and flowered hair pins , we have wedding hair jewelry that works with any hairstyle to complete your wedding-day look.

Large Teardrop with Chain Drops Hair Comb
Code: HC-217
Price: $325.00
Deco Crystal Bridal Hair Comb
Code: HC-191-F13
Price: $340.00
Double Comb Crystal Bridal Hair Accessory
Code: HC-186
Price: $350.00
Mirror Image Crystal Flower Comb
Code: HC-202-F13
Price: $275.00
Isle of Esme Vintage Bridal Hair Comb
Code: Isle-of-Esme
Price: $200.00
Delicate Vintage Bridal Hair Comb
Code: cassie
Price: $350.00
Nero's Mistress Vine, Bridal Headpiece
Code: Neros-Vine
Price: $540.00
Field of Dreams Pearl Hair Comb Set
Code: fields-of-dreams
Price: $498.00
Sparkling Floral Bridal Band
Code: T4007-pearl
Price: $210.00
Majestic Hair Comb
Code: C3079
Price: $188.00
Delicate Vine Bridal Hair Comb
Code: C3077
Price: $238.00
Clara Platinum Floral Hair Comb
Code: C4032
Price: $245.00
Ben-Amun Deco Crystal Barrette
Code: 19836
Price: $295.00
Vintage Crystal & Pearl Bridal Barrette
Code: 19823
Price: $145.00
Deco Barrette with Marquis Crystals
Code: 19802
Price: $205.00
Small Deco Crystal Barrette
Code: 19804
Price: $155.00
Loni Crystal Comb with Pearls
Code: Loni
Price: $370.00
Emmy, Triple Brooch Bridal Headband
Code: Emmy-Headband
Price: $545.00
Modern Glam Crystal Hair Comb
Code: Shirley
Price: $350.00
Deb Teardrop & Marquis Crystal Comb
Code: Deb
Price: $390.00
Susanna of the Mounties Hair Comb
Code: Susanna-Mounties
Price: $238.00
Human Nature Bridal Hair Comb
Code: Human-Nature-Comb
Price: $365.00
Shining Victory Bridal Hair Comb
Code: Shining-Victory-Comb
Price: $375.00
Golden Bed Bridal Hair Vine
Code: golden-bed-vine
Price: $489.00