Wedding Gloves

Wedding Gloves This season, bridal gloves are back as the ultimate detail for those desiring a vintage or deco look. Period movies & TV shows featuring vintage, deco & 40ís styles have had a major influence on bridal gowns & accessory styles this season.

Wrist-length, elbow length & opera-length gloves in white, ivory & diamond white for weddings, proms or debutante balls in classic silk, or white kid leather are a wonderful tradition and lend an air of sophistication to your bridal style. Looking for an element of surprise? Lace wedding gloves add a feminine touch and are a surprising detail. If you're looking for pure luxury, consider our soft kid leather bridal gloves, in wrist, elbow and debutante-lengths.

For advice on wedding glove length, color and etiquette, please visit our weddings tips & advise section to learn more about how to select the appropriate style of wedding gloves.