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How to Rock Opera Length Bridal Gloves

Bridal gloves and opera length gloves are back in style. Formal gloves are always the ultimate detail for anyone desiring vintage or deco style for their wedding or formal affair.  Period movies & TV shows featuring vintage, deco & 40’s styles are a constant inspiration to bridal gowns, jewelry & accessory designs.


Pictured below:  classic silk opera-length gloves worn with a Gatsby-inspired Art Deco gown designed by Sonthai Gi, owner and head designer of Bridal Gown Studio.  A  large bauble worn over the gloves along with a statement bracelet elevates the glam factor to A+.

Classic diamond white silk opera length gloves complete the look of another deco inspired gown designed by Sonthai Gi.
Classic silk opera-length gloves complete the look of a deco-inspired gown designed by Sonthai Gi.


Wrist-length, elbow-length & opera-length gloves for weddings, proms, or debutante balls are a wonderful tradition and lend an air of sophistication to your bridal style.  Each of these types of formal gloves are available in classic silk, or white kid leather However, you are certainly not limited to traditional gloves.  Lace gloves, champagne, or black gloves add an eliminate of surprise, but do not stray too far from tradition.  We love the look of black opera-length gloves to complete a deco gown as shown below.

Black opera length gloves in duchess silk satin look fabulous with this deco gown designed by Sonthai Gi, owner Bridal Gown Studio.
Black gloves in duchess silk satin look fabulous with this deco gown designed by Sonthai Gi, owner Bridal Gown Studio.


Winter weddings, Debutante Balls, and Mardi Gras, is the time of year that calls out for formal gloves.  At Perfect Details this means many emails to Rachel Howard, inquiring on evening glove etiquette. Below, please find your guide to opera length glove etiquette:

1. Opera gloves should not be put on in public. Formal gloves should be donned in the privacy of one’s home before going out.

2. Your gloves should be kept on when shaking hands in a reception line or when dancing.

3. Gloves may also be worn while drinking, however, It is better to remove, or partially remove them, when possible (see #4 below).

4. You can partially remove opera gloves by unbuttoning the mousquetaire wrist opening and pulling your hand out through the opening, then tucking the finger section under the wrist or under your bracelet, if you are wearing bracelets. Note that bracelets should be worn over the gloves.

5. Gloves should be removed when you sit down for dinner. After dinner, gloves should be put back on.

For more tips and advice on wedding gloves and evening gloves, visit our tips and advice section on color, selecting the best style for your gown, and more.