Gem & Semi-Precious Stone Necklaces

Gem & Semi-Precious Stone Necklaces Discover a range of necklaces and pendants, ranging from statement pieces for evening wear to casual pendants to join you everyday.

Unique hand-crafted necklaces and pendants made from gem and semi-precious stones and a variety of pearls. Fresh, organic designs set in sterling silver and 14KT gold. Most pieces have matching earrings.

Designed and made for Perfect Details in Mill Valley, California.
Gem Stone Pendant with Colorful Cluster
Code: PN-987
Price: $87.50
Colorful Gem Stone Y Necklace
Code: PN-M3
Price: $198.00
Petite Mixed Gemstone Pendant Necklace
Code: PN-55N
Price: $112.50
Gem Stone Pendant Necklace
Code: PN-206
Price: $96.00
Row of Tiny Pearls Necklace
Code: PN-1071
Price: $123.00
Petite Pink Pearl Necklace
Code: PN-1072
Price: $123.00
Petite Pearl Necklace Set
Code: PN-PLC
Price: $112.50
Keshi Pearl & Gem Stone Necklace
Code: PN-11
Price: $238.00
Labradorite & Green Amethyst Necklace
Code: PN-2
Price: $225.00
Citrine and Labradorite Necklace
Code: PN-22
Price: $225.00
Keshi Pearl & Gem Stone Pendant
Code: PN-129
Price: $75.00
Keshi Pearl & Gem Stone Necklace
Code: PN-001
Price: $375.00