Gem & Semi-Precious Stone Earrings

Gem & Semi-Precious Stone Earrings Unique hand-crafted earrings made from gem and semi-precious stones and a variety of pearls. Fresh, organic designs set in sterling silver and 14KT gold. Versatile designs that look equally fabulous worn casually with your favorite jeans or dressed up with a LBD for nights out on the town.

Designed and made for Perfect Details in Mill Valley, California.
Peridot & Carnelian Teardrop Earrings
Code: E224
Price: $175.00
Double Drop Labradorite Earrings
Code: E239-VD
Price: $335.00
Citrine & Green Amethyst Drop Earrings
Code: E254
Price: $375.00
Blue Chalcedony Drop Earrings with Cluster
Code: PE-987
Price: $54.00
Modern Pearl Drop Earrings
Code: PE-PLC
Price: $50.00
Keishi Pearl & Gem Stone Drop Earrings
Code: PE-11
Price: $75.00
Green Amethyst & Lemon Quartz Drops
Code: PE-205
Price: $68.00
Trio of Gemstones Drop Earrings
Code: PE-231
Price: $78.00
Green Amethyst Gem Stone Earrings
Code: PE-4
Price: $78.00
Green Amethyst Drops with Gem Stone Cluster
Code: PE-60B
Price: $78.00
Citrine Drops with Gem Stone Cluster
Code: PE-21
Price: $78.00
Keshi Pearl & Gem Stone Earrings
Code: PE-129
Price: $75.00
Green Amethyst & Quartz Drop Earrings
Code: PE-SP
Price: $85.00
Gem Stone Drop Earrings
Code: PE-002
Price: $75.00
Pink Keishi Pearl & Gemstone Earrings
Code: PE-001
Price: $85.00
Champagne Quartz Dangle Earrings
Code: PE-05
Price: $78.00
Carnelian & Green Amethyst Earrings
Code: PE-71
Price: $48.00
Citrine Drops With Mixed Gemstones
Code: PE-68
Price: $85.00
Champagne Quartz & Tourmaline Earrings
Code: PE-62
Price: $85.00
Smokey Quartz Drop Earrings
Code: PE-60A
Price: $78.00
Green Amethyst and Iolite Earrings
Code: PE-23
Price: $78.00
Green Amethyst Drop Earrings
Code: PE-25
Price: $34.00