Laura Jayne Hair Jewelry

Laura Jayne Hair Jewelry Boho chic styling, classic sparkle with a vintage vibe. The influence of Mother Nature is ever so present in this bridal hair accessory collection of soft floral hair combs, delicate sparkling hair vines, headbands and hair clips.

You will find traditional crystal combs and organza flowers as well as unique re-embroidered soft flower designs adorned with crystals & pearls.

Laura Jayne bridal accessories specializes in bridal hair vines featuring delicate sprays of crystals & fascinators combining her gorgeous flowers [Read More]
Lillian Circular Motif Headband
Code: T4006
Price: $225.00
Olympia Crystal Medallion Bridal Hair Ribbon
Code: T5021R
Price: $190.00
Celeste Gold Floral Bridal Hair Comb
Code: C2045-gld-cry
Price: $225.00
Clara Platinum Floral Hair Comb
Code: C4032
Price: $245.00
Sparkling Floral Bridal Band
Code: T4007-pearl
Price: $210.00
Duet of Soft Flowers Comb
Code: C3078
Price: $113.00
Majestic Hair Comb
Code: C3079
Price: $188.00
Embroidered Tulle  Floral Comb
Code: C2045
Price: $195.00
Organza Rhinestone Vintage Flower
Code: C046
Price: $150.00
Petite Fleur Barrette
Code: BAR021
Price: $163.00
Plume Filigree Statement Comb
Code: C0253
Price: $275.00
Delicate Vine Bridal Hair Comb
Code: C3077
Price: $238.00
Delicate Vine Pins Trio
Code: H3041
Price: $164.00
Veronique Convertible Hair Ribbon & Belt
Code: T306
Price: $200.00
Convertible Medallion Hair Ribbon & Belt
Code: T3064-R
Price: $238.00
Regalia Bridal Hair Comb
Code: C111-SC
Price: $195.00
Matinee Art Deco Bridal Hair Comb
Code: C041
Price: $135.00
Gold Foliage Bridal Hair Comb
Code: C087
Price: $173.00
Helena Convertible Tiara
Code: T588
Price: $214.00
Rafaella Convertible Bracelet Tiara
Code: T3039
Price: $238.00
Vivienne Jeweled Floral Headband
Code: T3067
Price: $315.00
Gabrielle Bridal Tiara Comb
Code: T552C
Price: $195.00
Myra Delicate Crystal Bridal Comb
Code: C038
Price: $115.00
Faye Crystal Bridal Tiara
Code: T4008
Price: $165.00