La Vie Bracelets by Catherine Popesco

La Vie Bracelets by Catherine Popesco Discover a range of bracelet styles with "Old World Charm" and vintage flair designed by Catherine Popesco for La Vie Parisienne. Wide statement bands, stretch bangles, multi chains and unique casual styles to wear layered, stacked or solo. And of course there are classic crystal bracelet styles as well. Chunky crystal bracelets in an array of fabulous colors as well as delicate linked crystal chains.

Fashion bracelet styles that can be dressed up or down and that add sparkle or chic, sophisticated style to any outfit for nights out or running about town.
Large Multi Chain Gold Bracelet
Code: 1620G
Price: $87.50
Delicate Crystal Link Bracelet
Code: 1611G
Price: $64.00
Triple Strand Filigree Clover Bracelet
Code: 1766G
Price: $60.00
Rectangular Linked Antique Gold Bracelet
Code: 1785G
Price: $46.00
Triple Strand Scroll Bracelet
Code: 1739G
Price: $69.00
Petite Pearl with Flower Charm Bracelet
Code: 1671G
Price: $64.00
Garnet Crystal Link Bracelet
Code: 1607
Price: $80.00
Jet Black Crystal Link Bracelet
Code: 1606G-black
Price: $80.00
Black Crystal Link Bracelet
Code: 1606-black
Price: $80.00
Antique Gold Amore Bangle
Code: 1738G-Amore
Price: $18.50
C'est La Vie Vintage Gold Bangle
Code: 1738G-La-Vie
Multi Blue Crystal Bracelet
Code: Multi-Blue
Price: $72.00
Multi Purple Crystal Bracelet
Code: multi-purple
Price: $72.00
Multi Red Crystal Bracelet
Code: multi-red
Price: $72.00
Petal Chunky Crystal Bracelet
Code: 1696G-petal
Price: $102.00
Champagne Chunky Crystal Bracelet
Code: 1696G-champagne
Price: $102.00
Rosewater Chunky Crystal Bracelet
Code: 1696G-rosewater
Price: $102.00
Pacific Opal Chunky Crystal Bracelet
Code: 1696G-pacific-opal
Price: $102.00
Chunky Crystal Bracelet
Code: 1696G
Price: $102.00
Ice Blue Chunky Crystal Bracelet
Code: 1696G-ice-blue
Price: $102.00
Blue Ruby  Chunky Crystal Bracelet SALE!!
Code: 1696G-blue-ruby
Price: $69.00
Ultra Blue Chunky Crystal Bracelets SALE!!
Code: 1696G-ultra-blue
Price: $69.00
Purple Haze Chunky Crystal Bracelet SALE!!
Code: 1696G-purple-haze
Price: $69.00
Vintage Pink Chunky Crystal Bracelet SALE!!
Code: 1696G-vintage-pink
Price: $69.00