Joia De Majorca Necklaces

Joia De Majorca Necklaces The JOIA De Majorca pearl wedding necklace collection combines distinctive designs with a tradition of excellence. Each pearl necklace, pendant or pearl bridal set is carefully crafted with a skill that has become a rare art. Meticulous attention is given to every detail to assure superior standards of quality & beauty. JOIA De Majorca, man-made pearls from Majorca Spain.
Pearl Drop on 5 Strand Chain
Code: 70183SWS
Price: $150.00
Statement Baroque Pearl Pendant SALE!!
Code: 70267SWS-BB
Price: $115.00
Barrel Baroque Pearl Pendant SALE!!
Code: 70267MWV-BB
Price: $115.00
Grey Barrel Baroque Pearl Pendant SALE!!
Code: 70204SGS-BB
Price: $179.00
Link Chain Baroque Pearl Necklace
Code: 70192WV
Price: $195.00
Pearl & CZ Wedding Set
Code: 30004WS-SET
Price: $170.00
Vintage Pearl Wedding Set
Code: 30016WS-SET
Price: $325.00
Pearl Pendant with CZ Trio
Code: 30004WS
Price: $85.00