Bridal Flower & Feather Hair Accessories

Bridal Flower & Feather Hair Accessories Bridal hair flowers & bridal hair accessories that incorporate feathers are an expected look we never grow tired of. A simple organza flower or even a real flower or two placed at the side or back of an up-do is a classic bridal look.

Bridal hair flowers & clips remain popular but with a trendy twist. Re-embroidered tulle flowers adorned with strategically placed crystals & pearls, layered on fabric leaves and joined by sprays of crystals and pearls is all the rage with this type of bridal hair accessory. You'll find this look on combs, hairpins and the ever so popular hair ribbon and vine.

Hand painted flowers and structured flowers are also in vogue, especially when joined by a variety of jewels on flexible bridal hair vines and halos.
Taylor Floral Hair Comb Set
Code: Taylor-Comb-Set
Price: $240.00
Organza Flowers Bridal Hair Comb with Pearl Sprays
Code: Elle-and-jae-433
Price: $125.00
Double Flower Beaded Halo
Code: 704-flower-halo
Price: $275.00
Celeste Gold Floral Bridal Hair Comb
Code: C2045-gld-cry
Price: $225.00
Embroidered Tulle  Floral Comb
Code: C2045
Price: $195.00
Clara Platinum Floral Hair Comb SALE!!
Code: C4032
Price: $125.00
Darcy Bridal Hair Wrap
Code: Darcy-Hair-Wrap
Price: $227.00
Cara French Net & Floral Hair Ribbon
Code: SG-Cara-Hair-Ribbon
Price: $227.00
Heal The World Flower Comb SALE!!
Code: heal-the-world-comb
Price: $195.00
Sophia Barrette
Code: BAR051
Price: $152.00
April Feather Flower Clip
Code: FF147
Price: $85.00
Organza Rhinestone Vintage Flower
Code: C046
Price: $150.00
Duet of Soft Flowers Comb
Code: C3078
Price: $113.00
Organza Hair Flowers with Jeweled Center
Code: 3218P-LS
Price: $250.00
Mixed Magic Feather Hair Fascinator SALE!!
Code: mixed-magic
Price: $139.00
Organza Flower Bridal Hairpins
Code: 3348-SP
Price: $375.00
Sophia Ivory Flower Hair Pin
Code: BP051
Price: $40.00
Joelle Triple Flower Barrette
Code: BAR053
Price: $120.00
Feather Hair Pin with Large Crystal Teardrop
Code: Andrea
Price: $115.00
Petite Sophia Flower Hairpins
Code: H036
Price: $160.00
Raquel Bridal Flower Hair Pins
Code: Raquel
Price: $157.00
Small Organic Bridal Hair Flower
Code: SFL-018
Price: $175.00
Petite Hibiscus Feathered Flower
Code: FF01-Nat
Price: $120.00
Juliane Feather Flower Comb
Code: FF146
Price: $165.00