Ben-Amun Hair Accessories

Ben-Amun Hair Accessories Ben-Amun bridal hair accessories designed by renown luxury jewelry designer Isaac Manevitz. Discover a fabulous collection of vintage inspired bridal barrettes & hairpins ranging from sparkling crystal deco pieces, to more subdued antique crystal & pearl barrettes.

The bridal barrettes & hair-clips can be worn with just about any hair- style, while the smaller hairpins create an understated look for brides as well as a finishing accent for bridesmaids. [Read More]
Deco Glam Bridal Hair Comb
Code: 19805
Price: $345.00
Ben-Amun Deco Crystal Barrette
Code: 19836
Price: $295.00
Vintage Crystal & Pearl Bridal Barrette
Code: 19823
Price: $145.00
Deco Barrette with Marquis Crystals
Code: 19802
Price: $205.00
Vintage Bridal Barrette
Code: 19803
Price: $205.00
Small Deco Crystal Barrette
Code: 19804
Price: $155.00
Vintage Crystal Leaf Barrette
Code: 19833
Price: $245.00
Crystal Hairpin with Pearl
Code: 19824
Price: $80.00
Vintage Crystal Hairpin
Code: 19816
Price: $70.00