Wedding Shawls & Wraps

Wedding Shawls & Wraps Perfect Details offers a selection of custom made wedding shawls, wraps, boleros, cover-ups & jackets in a variety of styles. From the luxurious feel of faux furs & cashmere to the feminine, vintage appeal of lace boleros & jackets, this season's bridal cover-ups give a lavish glamour, and let one look forward to a little chill in the air.

Need to add a feminine touch which will allow you to cover your shoulders? A light weight lace bolero, organza bridal wrap or cashmere wedding shrug is a fabulous solution. For fall and winter weddings, faux fur or duchess silk satin will add warmth and a beautiful touch.
Alencon Lace Pearl Beaded Bolero
Code: Aria
Price: $450.00
Camille Chantilly Lace Bolero
Code: Camille
Price: $350.00
Gold Metallic Lace Bolero
Code: Darcy
Price: $330.00
Chantilly Lace Ivory Bridal Bolero
Code: Eliza
Price: $225.00
Gold Metallic Lace Cover-Up
Code: Iris
Price: $450.00
3/4 Sleeve Chantilly Lace Bridal Cover Up
Code: Isabella
Price: $315.00
Long Sleeve Sequin Jacket
Code: Portia-jacket
Price: $460.00
Ornate Beaded Bridal Caplet
Code: Colleen
Price: $1,890.00
Pearl Beaded Caplet
Code: Rosalyn
Price: $1,800.00
Silk Beaded Caplet
Code: ZaZu
Price: $1,950.00
Ivory Cashmere Shrug SALE!!
Code: S022
Price: $149.00
Beaded Cashmere Shrug
Code: 110KB
Price: $195.00
Silk Organza Shrug
Code: 608-GSS
Price: $160.00
Faux White Fox Fur Shoulder Stole SALE!!
Code: faux-white-fox-stole
Price: $149.00
Faux White Fox Large Stole SALE!!
Code: large-stole-white-fox
Price: $300.00
Faux Fur Mink Bolero SALE!!
Code: 17-684
Ivory Silk Cashmere Shrug
Code: 359PF
Price: $195.00
Embroidered Tulle Caplet SALE!!
Code: Caplet-001
Price: $165.00
Tulle Caplet with Ruffle Edge SALE!!
Code: caplet-005
Price: $195.00
Sable Faux Fur Caplet with Ribbon Tie SALE!!
Code: 16-222-sable
Price: $49.00
Black Faux Fur Stole
Code: 15804-black
White Faux Fur Stole
Code: 15-804