Wedding Garters

Wedding Garters For today’s “modern woman” the garter ceremony is a bit passé, although wedding garters still are a wonderful keepsake & are fabulous shower gifts, and fun gifts for bachlorette parties. A garter with a blue accent such as delicate blue rose or a simple blue bow — are a simple solution to "something blue”. More elaborate garters can be passed down within families for generations and become the traditional “something borrowed”.

All the garters at Perfect Details are hand-sewn in the US. We offer a variety silk organza garters, toss garters and beaded lace garters. We also have several couture bridal garters created from Japanese lace and embroidered tulle, and also beaded French lace. These special garters are heirloom quality & make a very special gift for the bride.
Delicate Floral Wedding Garter
Code: A32
Price: $20.00
Organza Wedding Garter
Code: A54
Price: $18.00
Toss Garter with Bow
Code: T17
Price: $15.00
English Lace Toss Garter
Code: T011
Price: $15.00
Garter with Rhinestone Bow
Code: AB4
Price: $28.00
Beaded Lace Wedding Garter
Code: B31
Price: $28.00
Heirloom Wedding Garter
Code: C70
Price: $28.00
Embroidered Organza Garter
Code: AC3
Price: $32.00
Embroidered Tulle Wedding Garter
Code: M2
Price: $38.00
Silver Embroidered Tulle Garter
Code: M1-Silver
Price: $60.00
Gold Embroidered Tulle Garter
Code: M1-Gold
Price: $60.00
Beaded Trim Wedding Garter
Code: PDD37
Price: $38.00
Rhinestone Bow Garter
Code: B19
Price: $28.00
Vintage Lace Wedding Garter
Code: E21
Price: $35.00
Silk Organza wtih Gold Scallop Edge
Code: M3-gold
Price: $48.00
Silk Organza wtih Silver Scallop Edge
Code: M3-silver
Price: $48.00
Silk Organza with Rhinestone Rose
Code: AB2
Price: $30.00
Garter with Bow and Carnation
Code: PDA20
Price: $18.00
Lace Garter with Bouquet
Code: B37
Price: $28.00
Heart Lace Wedding Garter
Code: PDC42
Price: $28.00