Pearl Bridal Necklaces

Pearl Bridal Necklaces Worn on her wedding day or as a wedding day gift, nothing is more traditional for a bride than a classic strand of pearls. For the traditional bride we offer a selection a variety of pearl strands in different size pearls and single, double and triple strands from Majorica. For those not familiar with Majorica pearls, they are man made pearls from the island of Majorca, Spain and recognized world wide as the pearls of the Mediterranean. Fabulous luster & symmetry, you will find Majorica Pearl Jewelry only at select locations. For pearl girls wanting more of a statement or sparkle, our Majorica selection also includes statement pieces with dazzling CZ’s joining these fabulous pearls.

Are you a pearl gal? but not in the traditional sense? Or perhaps want something with vintage flair? You’ll find a selection of vintage pearl necklaces from Debra Moreland for Paris, as well as Hollywood Glam styles with plenty of “bling” from Cheryl King Couture. [Read More]
Lucky To Be A Lady Pearl Necklace
Code: Lucky-Lady
Price: $862.50
5 Strand Pearl Necklace with Ornate Brooch
Code: SW564N
Price: $675.00
Asymmetrical 5 Strand Pearl Necklace
Code: SW471N
Price: $625.00
Meyer Bridal Necklace with Side Brooch
Code: Meyer-necklace
Price: $377.00
Blithe Spirit Necklace
Code: blithe-spirit-necklace
Price: $587.50
Crystal & Pearl Statement Necklace
Code: N344
Price: $415.00
Double Strand Pearl Necklace with Brooch
Code: 06658
Price: $170.00
Mirror Tiara Necklace
Code: mirror-tiara-necklace
Price: $102.00
Chelsea Crystal Bridal Necklace with Pearls
Code: chelsea-necklace
Price: $425.00
Delicate CZ Necklace with Pearls
Code: KN530
Price: $298.00
Row of Tiny Pearls Necklace
Code: PN-1071
Price: $123.00
Petite Pink Pearl Necklace
Code: PN-1072
Price: $123.00
Petite Pearl Necklace Set
Code: PN-PLC
Price: $112.50
Baroque Pearl Necklace SALE!!
Code: N3366
Price: $159.00
Single Strand White 16" 8mm Pearls SALE!!
Code: 1W6A16S
Price: $97.50
Majorica Graduated Pearl & CZ Necklace SALE!!
Code: OMC1369SW
Price: $225.00
Pearl & CZ Statement Necklace SALE!!
Code: OMC1370SW
Price: $450.00
Vintage Drape Necklace
Code: N391
Price: $338.00