Paris Necklaces by Debra Moreland

Paris Necklaces by Debra Moreland
Debra Moreland delights in creating exquisite bridal necklaces and couture wedding jewelry.

Discover vintage pearl chokers, exquisite collar necklaces ranging from delicate romantic styles to statement pieces for bridal or evening wear. You will also find hand-painted pendants as well as unique designs that you will feel were created just for you.

Glamour, for life’s memorable occasions.

Algiers Crystal Bridal Necklace
Code: Algiers-Necklace
Price: $512.50
Lucky To Be A Lady Pearl Necklace
Code: Lucky-Lady
Price: $862.50
Blithe Spirit Necklace
Code: blithe-spirit-necklace
Price: $587.50
Scotch Mist Shell Necklace
Code: Scotch-Mist-N
Price: $325.00
Wren & Sparrow Bridal Necklace
Code: wren-necklace
Price: $612.50
Flaming Star Vintage Bridal Necklace
Code: flaming-star-necklace
Price: $375.00
Spartacus Pendant Necklace
Code: spartacus-n
Price: $225.00
Golden Arrow Necklace SALE!!
Code: golden-arrow-necklace
Price: $135.00
Shindig Necklace SALE!!
Code: Shindig-Necklace
Price: $185.00