Paris Bracelets by Debra Moreland

Paris Bracelets by Debra Moreland Discover exquisite bridal bracelets & wedding jewelry created by the Artisans at Paris Jewelry.

Debra Moreland offers a range of bridal bracelets & cuffs in vintage & boho chic bridal styles. Find stunning vintage pearl bridal bracelets with statement brooches, crystal deco cuffs & statement bracelets, as well as unique organic styles featuring sculptured floral designs & leaves creating the most amazing bridal bracelets that can be worn for years to come.

Moonlight Waltz Bridal Bracelet
Code: moonlight-waltz-bracelet
Price: $437.50
Hamlet Vintage Pearl Bridal Bracelet
Code: hamlet-bracelet
Price: $450.00
Planet Earth Bracelet
Code: planet-earth-bracelet
Price: $300.00
Wren & Sparrow Bracelet, Gold
Code: wren-sparrow-bracelet
Price: $350.00
Wren & Sparrow Bracelet, Silver
Code: Wren-sparrow-bracelet-silver
Price: $337.50
7 Chances Pearl Bridal Bracelet
Code: 7-chances
Price: $562.50
Scotch Mist Shell Bracelet SALE!!
Code: Scotch-Mist-B
Price: $125.00
Devotion Bridal Bracelet
Code: devotion-bracelet
Price: $325.00
Blithe Spirit Bracelet
Code: Blithe-Spirit
Price: $362.00
Carnivale Crystal Bridal Bracelet
Code: carnivale-bracelet
Price: $400.00
Human Nature Bridal Bracelet
Code: Human-Nature-Bracelet
Price: $400.00
Shindig Bracelet SALE!!
Code: shindig-bracelet
Price: $165.00
La Dolce Vita Bridal Bracelet
Code: La-Dolce-Vita
Price: $335.00
Yum Yum Bracelet by Paris SALE!!
Code: yum-yum-bracelet
Price: $225.00
Moon Moths Bridal Bracelet SALE!!
Code: moon-moths-bracelet
Price: $149.00
Golden Bed Crystal Bridal Bracelet SALE!!
Code: golden-bed-bracelet
Price: $135.00
Double Indemnity Crystal Bracelet SALE!!
Code: Double-Indemnity
Price: $215.00