Haute Bride Bracelets

Haute Bride Bracelets Haute Bride bracelets & cuffs are the most sought after wrist candy for brides around the world. The B628, large rhinestone pendant bracelet on five pearls strands is the most recognizable bridal bracelet, if not piece of jewelry we have offered in the past 10 years. This particular bracelet style was one of the first pieces Lindsie created and began the dynasty of large statement bracelets in her infamous bridal bracelet selection. Besides statement pieces, you'll also find linked crystal bracelets created from small individually made crystal brooches, as well as smaller size pendant bracelets for smaller wrists.
Each bracelet is made just for you. So if you would like a custom color or if you have a smaller or larger wrist and need stones added or taken out, it can be done. Just email us for additional information.
Haute Bride Soft Statement Crystal Bracelet
Code: B243-RD-WO
Price: $375.00
Petite Crystal Brooch Bracelet
Code: B214-GD
Price: $357.00
Delicate 5 Strand Bracelet with Center Brooch
Code: B232-RD-WO-LT-SLK
Price: $356.00
Gold Square Filigree Crystal Bracelet
Code: B2021-G
Price: $360.00
Champagne Brooch Bridal Bracelet
Code: B007G
Price: $345.00
Chunky Crystal Bridal Cuff
Code: B218
Price: $435.00
Petite Crystal & Pearl Brooch Bracelet
Code: B916
Price: $355.00
Art Deco Delicate Crystal Bracelet
Code: B185
Price: $207.00
Linked Crystal Brooch Bracelet
Code: B279
Price: $435.00
Triple Brooch Bridal Bracelet
Code: B320-W
Price: $315.00
Large Rhinestone Pendant Bracelet
Code: B628
Price: $300.00
Crystal  Brooch Bracelet
Code: B325
Price: $390.00
Statement Brooch Bracelet, Pearl Strands SALE!!
Code: B239-RD-LS-CLR
Price: $259.00
Blue Crystal & Pearl Bridal Cuff ON SALE!
Code: B207MB
Price: $159.00
Hollywood Glam Blue Teardrop Cuff SALE!!
Code: B995-MB
Price: $149.00