Bridesmaid Gifts

Bridesmaid Gifts The perfect bridesmaid gift…Something fun for the bachelorette party or to wear when everyone is getting ready. Something you wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself, but would love to have. Something that reminds your bridal party of this special time. Something they will enjoy for years. Perfect Details has created a collection of bridesmaid’s gifts sure to bring a smile to their faces the moment they unwrap them.

Something wonderful, something elegant, a unique gift from you. Find it... at Perfect Details.

Wedding Party Gift Socks
Code: pink-sock-set
Price: $12.00
Groom & Best-Man Socks
Code: groom-best-man-socks
Price: $11.00
"Bridesmaid" Silk Thong
Code: LL1R-Maids
Price: $18.00
Small "Lucky" Locket
Code: 1009G
Price: $59.00
Small Dragon Fly Locket
Code: 1009G-dragonfly
Price: $59.00
Small Fleur de Lis Locket
Code: 1009G-fleur-de-lis
Price: $59.00
Small Oval Locket with 4 Leaf Clover
Code: 1009G-oval
Price: $59.00
Amour Black & Gold Locket
Code: 876G
Price: $65.00
Large Gold Vintage Heart Locket
Code: 1503G-H
Price: $46.00
Gold Vintage Oval Locket
Code: 1502G-S
Paris Embossed Vintage Gold Locket
Code: 877G
Price: $56.00
Small Gold Vintage Heart Locket
Code: 1502-B
Price: $42.00
The Key to Her Heart Pendant
Code: 1066G
Price: $46.00
Antique Gold Amore Bangle
Code: 1738G-Amore
Price: $18.50
C'est La Vie Vintage Gold Bangle
Code: 1738G-La-Vie
Amour Turquoise & Gold Locket
Code: 876G-turq
Price: $65.00
Tiny Black Diamond Crystal Pendant
Code: 1398G
Petite Vintage Star Pendant
Code: 1390G
Price: $46.00
Lucky Horse Shoe Pendant
Code: 1394G
Price: $46.00
Vintage French Charm Necklace
Code: 0837
Price: $52.00
"T" Bar Cuff
Code: B00280
Price: $15.00
Trio of Geometric Cuffs
Code: B20093-95-96
Price: $36.00