Bridesmaid Gifts

Bridesmaid Gifts The perfect bridesmaid gift…something you wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself, but would love to have. Something that reminds your bridal party of this special time. Something they will enjoy for years. Perfect Details has created a collection of bridesmaid’s gifts sure to bring a smile to their faces the moment they unwrap them.

Something wonderful, something elegant, a unique gift from you. Find it... at Perfect Details.

Small "Lucky" Locket
Code: 1009G
Price: $59.00
Small Dragon Fly Locket
Code: 1009G-dragonfly
Price: $59.00
Small Fleur de Lis Locket
Code: 1009G-fleur-de-lis
Price: $59.00
Small Oval Locket with 4 Leaf Clover
Code: 1009G-oval
Price: $59.00
Flower Ring
Code: RCS39S
Price: $18.00
Flower Ring
Code: RSC39G
Price: $18.00
Flower Bracelet
Code: GB0168G
Price: $30.00
Flower Bracelet
Code: GB0168S
Price: $30.00
Ethnic Gold Stretch Cuff SALE!!
Code: PDUO-200B-B
Price: $25.00
Silver Ethnic Stretch Cuff SALE!!
Code: PDUO-200S-B
Price: $25.00
Stretch Silver Disc Cuff SALE!!
Code: PDUO-146S-B
Price: $18.00
Filigree Flower Ring
Code: 177R-S
Price: $18.00
Three Stone Ring
Code: 173R-CLR
Price: $25.00
Gold & Crystal Chandelier Earrings SALE!!
Code: 431-EG
Price: $10.00
Silver & Crystal Chandelier Earrings SALE!!
Code: 431-ES
Price: $10.00
Black & Crystal Chandelier Earrings SALE!!
Code: 431EB
Price: $10.00
"Bridesmaid" Silk Thong
Code: LL1R-Maids
Price: $18.00
Bow Ring
Code: RIN-1541
Price: $32.00
Flower Ring Apricot Quartz SALE!!!
Code: R89-apricot
Price: $12.50
Open Heart Earrings
Code: 1430
Price: $35.00
Peace Sign Disc Pendant
Code: n-rd02-peace
Price: $58.00
Tiny Locket Pendant
Code: n-s1oo-tr-g
Tiny Locket Earrings
Code: e-s100-tr-s
Price: $30.00
Tiny Square with Heart Earrings
Code: E-ts01-heart-g
Price: $62.00