Designer Bridal Necklaces

Designer Bridal Necklaces Traditional, modern, or vintage inspired, our unique collection of designer bridal necklaces includes statement pieces, pearl strands, multi chains & an array of crystal baubles to compliment the neckline of your gown and create an unforgettable chic & stylish look for your wedding day. At Perfect Details our collection of designer bridal necklaces show case the best in current bridal jewelry trends from Boho Chic to "Old Hollywood" Glamour.

Discover vintage inspired pearl & crystal necklaces from Paris by Debra Moreland, Hollywood glam sparkle in combinations of pearl and crystals designs from Cheryl King Couture, unique statement necklaces from Erin Cole and Deepa Gurnani, and colorful crystal necklaces from Sorrelli Jewelry.

Flirty, feminine, or dramatic, a designer bridal necklace from Perfect Details is sure to be that one unforgettable detail on your wedding day.
Vintage Filigree Statement Necklace
Code: SW668N
Price: $545.00
Meyer Bridal Necklace with Side Brooch
Code: Meyer-necklace
Price: $377.00
Graduated Navette Crystal Necklace
Price: $170.00
Flaming Star Vintage Bridal Necklace
Code: flaming-star-necklace
Price: $412.50
5 Brooch Gold Statement Necklace
Code: N259G
Price: $525.00
Crystal Cluster Necklace with Teardrops
Code: N228
Price: $488.00
Galatic Stone Crystal Bridal Necklace
Code: N278
Price: $750.00
Brooch Link Necklace, Tulle Ribbon Ties
Code: N318
Price: $615.00
Rose Convertible Headband, Necklace
Code: rose-headband-necklace
Price: $325.00
Deco Crystal Bib Necklace
Code: N352
Price: $438.00
Chelsea Crystal Bridal Necklace with Pearls
Code: chelsea-necklace
Price: $425.00
Gold Opal Convertible Headband, Necklace, Sash
Code: opal-convertible-headband
Price: $325.00
Petite Linear Collar Necklace
Code: N005-WO
Price: $198.00
Petite Brooch Necklace
Code: N364
Price: $275.00
Crystal Bridal Necklace with Tulle Ties
Code: N314
Price: $350.00
Scroll Necklace with Floral Design in Blush
Code: PJ1N-011114
Price: $385.00
Algiers Crystal Bridal Necklace
Code: Algiers-Necklace
Price: $500.00
Josephine Shoulder Necklace
Code: sg-josephine-necklace
Price: $297.00
Red Carpet Crystal Teardrop Necklace
Code: N315-CH
Price: $525.00
Cleopatra Crystal Collar Necklace
Code: N345
Price: $425.00