Bridal Tiaras

Bridal Tiaras If you weren’t homecoming queen, or winner of a beauty pageant, when else could you wear a tiara other than your wedding day? Although tiara’s in the traditional sense are not at the height of bridal fashion, depending on your wedding location, type of event and dress, a beautiful bridal tiara is not only a necessity, but the most appropriate perfect detail.

At Perfect Details we offer several vintage style bridal tiaras in a variety of sizes. You’ll find vintage tiaras that resemble British Royalty designed by Debra Moreland for Paris, Colorful and unique crystal headpieces & narrow tiara bands from Erin Cole and [Read More]
Byzantine Gold Bridal Headband
Code: Byzantine-Headband
Price: $450.00
Twinkle Toes Crystal Filigree Headband
Code: Twinkle-Toes
Price: $450.00
Emmy, Triple Brooch Bridal Headband
Code: Emmy-Headband
Price: $545.00
Jocelyn Small Crystal Tiara
Code: Jocelyn
Price: $390.00
Jessica Crystal Teardrop Tiara
Code: jessica
Price: $400.00
Double Band Tiara with Large Stones
Code: HC-125-T
Price: $400.00
Large Crystal Teardrop Tiara
Code: HC-167T
Price: $545.00
Downton Abbey Headpiece
Code: downton-abbey-headpiece
Price: $625.00
Double Leaves Headband SALE!!
Code: T251HB
Price: $360.00
Small Art Deco Crystal Tiara
Code: 3715T
Price: $238.00
Crystal Cluster Tiara
Code: 3461T
Price: $488.00
Petite Rhinestone Cluster Tiara
Code: 3317SM
Price: $375.00
Pearl and Crystal Filigree Tiara
Code: 3425-T
Price: $495.00
Blue Bell Blues
Code: Blue_Belle
Price: $315.00
Olive Oil Bridal Headpiece
Code: Olive-Oil
Price: $395.00
Small Vintage Tiara
Code: T423
Price: $275.00
Satin Doll Tiara
Code: Satin-Doll
Price: $495.00
Code: Saratoga-Tiara
Price: $565.00
Salome Tiara
Code: Salome
Price: $250.00
Code: Rendezvous
Price: $275.00
Teacher's Pet
Code: TeachersPet
Price: $315.00
Modern Times
Code: modern-times
Price: $287.50
Code: Elizabeth-Tiara
Price: $257.00
Faye Crystal Bridal Tiara
Code: T4008
Price: $165.00