Bridal Statement Necklaces

Bridal Statement Necklaces Bold, daring, and absolutely stunning. A statement bridal necklace can completely change the look & feel of your gown and define your wedding day style. Multiple strands, chunky dangling baubles, large collar necklaces or an intricate arrangement of crystal shapes & floral designs are the headliners in current bridal necklace trends.

Definitely not appropriate for every gown, however if your dress is clean & simple or does not have a lot of detail at the bodice or sleeves, a statement piece can create an amazing look with a strapless gown or wide, open neckline. [Read More]
Brooch Link Necklace, Tulle Ribbon Ties
Code: N318
Price: $615.00
Meyer Bridal Necklace with Side Brooch
Code: Meyer-necklace
Price: $377.00
Vintage Filigree Statement Necklace
Code: SW668N
Price: $545.00
Galatic Stone Crystal Bridal Necklace
Code: N278
Price: $750.00
Crystal Cluster Necklace with Teardrops
Code: N228
Price: $488.00
5 Brooch Gold Statement Necklace
Code: N259G
Price: $525.00
Cleopatra Crystal Collar Necklace
Code: N345
Price: $425.00
Convertible Art Deco Statement Necklace
Code: N355
Price: $128.00
Lucky To Be A Lady Pearl Necklace
Code: Lucky-Lady
Price: $862.50
Topaz Teardrop Statement Necklace
Code: N317
Price: $589.00
Asymmetrical 5 Strand Pearl Necklace
Code: SW471N
Price: $625.00
5 Strand Pearl Necklace with Ornate Brooch
Code: SW564N
Price: $675.00
Scotch Mist Shell Necklace
Code: Scotch-Mist-N
Price: $325.00
Bridal Round Drop Crystal Necklace, Gold
Price: $278.00
Round Drop Crystal Necklace
Price: $278.00
Crystal & Opal Statement Bridal Necklace
Price: $192.00
Crystal Pear Drop Statement Necklace SALE!!
Price: $110.00
Bold & Chunky Crystal Bridal Necklace SALE!!
Price: $89.00
Ethereal Love Bridal Bib Necklace SALE!!
Code: NKBR2966
Price: $149.00