Bridal Sashes & Belts

Bridal Sashes & Belts Bridal sashes and belts. Jewelry for your waist. Find a varied selection of beaded belts & floral sashes, slender belts featuring crystal jewels and statement sashes with intricate designs, to complement any style bridal gown and that can also be the finishing touch to evening attire.

Discover beaded bridal belts from Fiore Couture that are sized and have snap closures - providing the option of wearing as an actual belt or sewing into the waist of your gown, as well as sashes that can be tied to any waist size or sewn into your gown. We are excited to offer bridal sashes from Laura Jayne Bridal, Erin Cole, Sara Gabriel and Elle & Jae. [Read More]
Delicate Crystal Bridal Belt or Headband
Code: HB12
Price: $745.00
Convertible Crystal Headband, Belt
Code: HB-68
Price: $400.00
Convertible Crystal, Pearl Headband, Belt
Code: HB-71
Price: $375.00
Floral Motif Sash
Code: S6011
Price: $415.00
Beaded Bridal Sash with Chatan Balls
Code: B136
Price: $595.00
Ornate Beaded Bridal Sash with Crystals & Pearls
Code: B157-F13
Price: $1,398.00
Beaded Bridal Sash with Floral Motif
Code: B163
Price: $1,095.00
Beaded Roses Bridal Sash
Code: B171-sash
Price: $1,045.00
Medallion Bridal Sash with Moonstones
Code: B177
Price: $865.00
Bridal Sash with an Ethnic Twist
Code: B170-F14
Price: $875.00
Estelle Bridal Sash
Code: estelle-sash
Price: $375.00
Regalia Beaded Sash
Code: S5077
Price: $595.00
Kinsley Floral Organza Bridal Sash
Code: S5083
Price: $439.00
Gold Motif Bridal Sash
Code: S4007G
Price: $275.00
Slender Oval Brooch Sash
Code: HB102-GD-LS-SASH
Price: $540.00
Gold Opal Convertible Headband, Necklace, Sash
Code: opal-convertible-headband
Price: $325.00
Tabitha Convertible Headband, Belt
Code: Tabitha-Headband
Price: $500.00
Cosmos Crystal Beaded Bridal Belt Size 10 SALE!!
Code: Cosmos-belt-02
Price: $425.00
Sparkling Ovals Bridal Belt Size 8 SALE!!
Code: Belt-05-ovals
Price: $225.00
Rhinestone & Pearl Belt Size 8 SALE!!
Code: belt-20-marigold
Price: $325.00
Beaded Rhinestone Bridal Belt SIZE 10 SALE!!
Code: belt-34
Price: $375.00
Felicity Convertible Headband, Sash
Code: Felicity-headband-sash
Price: $370.00