SALE Bridal Accessories

SALE Bridal Accessories Dramatically reduced. Great Savings. Bridal hair accessories, bridal veils, wraps, coverlets & more that are discontinued.

These discontinued items have one or a few pieces left. If ordering more than one unit, please check with us on availability.

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Mixed Magic Feather Hair Fascinator SALE!!
Code: mixed-magic
Price: $175.00
Crystal & Opal Starburst Bridal Sash SALE!!
Code: BLBR2904
Price: $195.00
Scallop Petals Bridal Sash or Headband SALE!!
Code: WBBR030-sash-silver
Price: $165.00
Crystal Flower Explosion Bridal Sash SALE!!
Code: WBBR017-ivory-silver-sash
Price: $125.00
Silent Movie Silver Hair Ornament Set SALE!!
Code: silent-movie-set
Price: $145.00
Golden Shadow Spray Hair Pins SALE!!
Code: 3482SP
Price: $69.00
Rose Gold & Ribbon Hair Comb SALE!!
Code: HC1005
Price: $115.00
Small Pearl and Crystal Regalia Comb SALE!!
Code: HAB008C
Price: $49.00
Large Pearl and Crystal Regalia Comb SALE!!
Code: HAB008A
Price: $69.00
Sue Siren Veil with Flower SALE!!
Code: Sue-sg
Price: $58.00
Pinky Comb by Paris SALE!!
Code: pinky-comb
Price: $105.00
Erin Cole Floral Bridal Headband SALE!!
Code: HB-40
Price: $325.00
Large Crystal Teardrop Comb SALE!!
Code: HC-167
Price: $249.00
Rosalie Flower Fascinator SALE!!
Code: Rosalie-sg
Price: $65.00
Cammy Veil SALE!!
Code: Cammy-sg
Price: $68.00
Faux Ivory Mink Shoulder Wrap
Code: 147-779
Price: $115.00
Faux White Fox Fur Shoulder Stole XS SALE!!
Code: faux-white-fox-stole
Price: $130.00
Pearl Primrose Bridal Sash SALE!!
Code: BLBR2946-ivory
Price: $125.00
Double Leaves Headband SALE!!
Code: T251HB
Price: $190.00
Shogun Bohemian Glam Bridal Comb SALE!!
Code: Shogun-Comb
Price: $145.00
Rose Tattoo Bridal Hair Comb SALE!!
Code: Rose-Tattoo
Price: $125.00
Robyn Face Blusher SALE!!
Code: Robyn
Price: $95.00