Pansey & Jameson Vintage Bridal Jewelry

Pansey & Jameson Vintage Bridal Jewelry Were thrilled to introduce Pansy & Jameson, an eclectic collection of vintage jewelry created by designer, Susanna Aster, exclusively for Perfect Details. Ahead of trend, the Pansy & Jameson jewelry collection is curated from true vintage pieces, crystals, freshwater pearls, and hand-painted rhinestones, creating a unique assortment of bridal jewelry and statement pieces for black tie affairs, as well as simpler pieces for bridesmaids and everyday style.

Inspired by Shakespearian Muses, bohemian glamour, 60s chic, and the colorful garden paintings of Monet our first collection redefines ear candy. Not for the conservative, but definitely bridal earrings for those with unique style. [Read More]
Blush Ear Cuff set with Rose
Code: PJ515-3EC
Price: $205.00
Pale Silver Bouquet Ear Cuff Set
Code: PJ515-2EC
Price: $205.00
Summer Garden Ear Cuff Set
Code: PJ515-1EC
Price: $195.00
Silver Rose with Pearl Drop Ear Cuff
Code: PJ515-4EC
Price: $195.00
Vintage Bouquet Long Dangle Bridal Earrings
Code: PJD81014-9G
Price: $230.00
Delicate Floral Drop Earrings
Code: PJD815-1L
Price: $100.00
Bridal Chandelier Earrings
Code: PJD81014-8G
Price: $325.00
Vintage Pearl Drop Earrings
Code: PJ-oval-pear-drop
Price: $90.00
Champagne Dreams Ear Cuff Set
Code: PJC81014-1G
Price: $325.00
Single Gold Rose Ear Cuff Set
Code: PJC81014-2G
Price: $325.00
Beyond Something Bleu Bridal Ear Cuff Set
Code: PJC81014-3S
Price: $275.00
Gold Rose Ear Cuff Set, Clip-On Earrings
Code: PJC81014-4G
Price: $260.00
Gold Rose Ear Cuff & Rose Post
Code: PJ515-5EC
Price: $180.00
Blue Bells & Pearls Bridal Chandelier Earrings
Code: PJD81014-11G
Price: $325.00
Beyond Something Bleu Chandelier Earrings
Code: PJD8114-3s
Price: $165.00
Bouquet with Pearls Bridal Chandelier Earrings
Code: PJD81014-6G
Price: $190.00
Vintage Pearl Should Duster Earrings
Code: PJD81014-2G
Price: $85.00
Vintage Pearl Drop Earrings, Clip-On
Code: PJDC-1114
Price: $180.00
Delicate Floral Blush Earrings
Code: PJD815-1S
Price: $87.50
Rose Bouquet Studs in Pearl
Code: PJS915-pearl
Price: $45.00
Rose Bouquet Studs in Antique Gold
Code: PJS915-AG
Price: $45.00
Scroll Necklace with Floral Design in Blush
Code: PJ1N-011114
Price: $385.00