Cheryl King Couture Necklaces

Cheryl King Couture Necklaces Cheryl King Couture necklaces are created with Swarovski crystals & pearls, along with diamond cut CZs. Each necklace is hand crafted in North Carolina with the utmost attention to detail. You will discover statement necklaces with multi strands of pearls, large side brooches and eye catching pendants to complement any style wedding gown and neckline.

If you are seeking a statement piece, love sparkle and want to make a bold, confident statement, our collection of bridal necklaces from Cheryl King Couture is for you.
Vintage Filigree Statement Necklace
Code: SW668N
Price: $545.00
5 Strand Pearl Necklace with Ornate Brooch
Code: SW564N
Price: $675.00
Asymmetrical 5 Strand Pearl Necklace
Code: SW471N
Price: $625.00
Fancy Crystal Teardrop Pendant
Code: SW751N
Price: $250.00