Bridal Pendants

Bridal Pendants From demure to dramatic, a pearl or crystal pendant can be just what is needed to complete your look and add just the right amount of sparkle. A strapless gown, V neck, or open neckline can sometimes be overwhelmed with a large necklace and a simple strand of pearls will not do, but something is needed. A pearl or crystal pendant, delicate with a touch of sparkle or more of a statement piece on an elaborate chain or long drop can create just the right amount of excitement and make a beautiful dress spectacular.

At Perfect Details you will find simple pearl pendants from Joia De Majorca Pearl Jewelry and Ben-Amun, statement crystal pendants from Cheryl King Couture and Erin Cole Designs, as well as colorful sparkle from Haute Bride and Sorrelli Jewelry. [Read More]
Fancy Crystal Teardrop Pendant
Code: SW751N
Price: $250.00
Crystal Dangle Necklace with Pearl
Code: N371
Price: $212.50
Deco Crystal Necklace
Code: N375
Price: $275.00
Pearl Drop Pendant with Crystal Cluster
Code: 06618
Price: $95.00
Fancy Tear Drop Pendant
Code: N704
Price: $135.00
Fancy Cushion Cut Crystal Pendant Rosewater
Code: N003-Rosewater
Price: $125.00
Crystal Teardrop Pendant More Colors Available
Code: N739-MB
Price: $158.00
Cushion Cut Crystal Pendant 11 Colors
Code: N421-CLR
Price: $75.00
Cushion Cut Golden Shadow Crystal Pendant
Code: N421-GS
Price: $75.00
Cushion Cut Crystal Pendant
Code: N421-PO-CLR
Price: $75.00
Cushion Cut Vintage Rose Crystal Pendant
Code: N421-VR
Price: $75.00
Double Starburst Pendant
Code: N359
Price: $562.50
Spartacus Pendant Necklace
Code: spartacus-n
Price: $225.00
Flaming Star Vintage Bridal Necklace
Code: flaming-star-necklace
Price: $375.00
Gold Filigree Vintage Pendant
Code: 1120BG
Price: $64.00
Champagne Crystal Teardrop Pendant
Code: 6578GN-CHAMP
Price: $50.00
Crystal Teardrop Pendant
Code: 6578GN-CLR
Price: $50.00
Pearl Pendant with CZ Trio
Code: 30004WS
Price: $85.00
Pearl Drop on 5 Strand Chain
Code: 70183SWS
Price: $150.00
Parisian Glam Pendant
Code: 4295GN-clr-clr
Price: $55.00
Fancy CZ Teardrop Pendant Necklace
Code: KNP140
Price: $160.00
Large Emerald Cut Pendant with Vintage Teardrop
Code: NS-3111-CSS
Price: $80.00
Vintage Style Crystal Pendant
Code: NK-4566-CGS
Price: $50.00