Bridal Veils & Hats

Bridal Veils & Hats To veil or not to veil...This season brides are opting to wear veils again, at least for the wedding ceremony. Bridal veils balance the gown, are fabulous photo ops, and are a beautiful tradition for the ceremony.

We offer bridal veils by Sara Gabriel & Laura Jayne Bridal, as well as several adorable bridal hats. Veils can be ordered in short, medium and long lengths. We can also special order Cathedral Length veils if one requires more than 120" in length. Trims can be customized on all Sara Gabriel veils. Be sure to contact us if you have questions on customizing your wedding veil.
Elyse Face Veil
Code: FV2021
Price: $135.00
Annette Bouffant Veil
Code: V2012
Price: $145.00
Bridal Hat with Veil & Ornament
Code: HL02
Price: $275.00
Rose Hat with Tulle & Feathers
Code: HL061
Price: $185.00
Dotty Hat
Code: Dotty-SG
Price: $157.00
Daisy Hat with French Net & Flower
Code: Daisy-SG
Price: $157.00
Gladys Bridal Hat, Clip
Code: Gladys
Price: $157.00
Camee Rose Hat with Feathers
Code: HL-04
Price: $215.00
Wendy Veil by Sara Gabriel
Code: Wendy
Price: $157.00
Astyn Blusher
Code: Astyn
Price: $197.00
Drew Short Veil by Sara Gabriel
Code: Drew
Price: $157.00
Cammy Veil SALE!!
Code: Cammy-sg
Price: $142.00
Charisse Asymmetrical Face Blusher
Code: Charisse-sg
Price: $157.00
Doni Wink Veil
Code: Doni
Price: $197.00
Bailey Pout Veil, French Net
Code: Bailey-veil
Price: $227.00
Sara Gabriel Collette Veil, Blusher
Code: Celeste-Veil
Price: $127.00
Sara Gabriel Edie Flirt Veil
Code: Edie
Price: $47.00
Sara Gabriel Cybill Face Blusher
Code: cybill-veil
Price: $157.00
Michal Wink Veil with Flower
Code: Michal
Price: $197.00
Sue Siren Veil with Flower SALE!!
Code: Sue-sg
Price: $142.00
Robyn Face Blusher
Code: Robyn
Price: $256.00
Elise French Blusher
Code: Elise-sg
Price: $197.00
Paula Flirt Veil with Crystals
Code: Paula-sg
Price: $127.00