Bridal Veils & Hats

Bridal Veils & Hats
Elyse Face Veil
Code: FV2021
Price: $135.00
Annette Bouffant Veil
Code: V2012
Price: $145.00
Bridal Hat with Veil & Ornament
Code: HL02
Price: $275.00
Rose Hat with Tulle & Feathers
Code: HL061
Price: $185.00
French Net Veil 18"
Code: V-031
Price: $160.00
Fench Net Veil 9"
Code: V-031-9
Price: $120.00
Camee Rose Hat with Feathers
Code: HL-04
Price: $215.00
Wendy Veil by Sara Gabriel
Code: Wendy
Price: $157.00
Astyn Blusher
Code: Astyn
Price: $197.00
Tori Tulle Face Blusher
Code: Tori
Price: $157.00
Emily Pout Blusher by Sara Gabriel
Code: Emily
Price: $87.00
Jenna French Net Veil SAMPLE IS FOR SALE!
Code: Jenna-SG
Price: $150.00
Robyn Face Blusher
Code: Robyn
Price: $256.00
Drew Short Veil by Sara Gabriel
Code: Drew
Price: $157.00
Daisy Hat with French Net & Flower
Code: Daisy-SG
Price: $157.00
Dotty Hat
Code: Dotty-SG
Price: $157.00
Dean Flirt Veil - SAMPLE FOR SALE
Code: Dean-sg
Price: $160.00
Elise French Blusher
Code: Elise-sg
Price: $197.00
Paula Flirt Veil with Crystals
Code: Paula-sg
Price: $127.00
Morgan French Net Wink Veil
Code: Morgan-sg
Price: $157.00
Sue Siren Veil with Flower
Code: Sue-sg
Price: $197.00
Vivian Siren Veil in French Net
Code: Vivian-sg
Price: $127.00
Louise French Net Veil
Code: Louise-sg
Price: $197.00
Michal Wink Veil with Flower
Code: Michal
Price: $197.00