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Paris by Debra Moreland, Featured on the TV Series Reign

Familiar with the TV series Reign?  Yes, it is yet another epic tale about kings, queens, power, deceit, seduction & war in the mid 1500’s, documenting the rise of Mary, Queen of Scots. The costumes are fantastic, and the hair adornments & jewels are even better.  Many, if not most of the headpieces and jewels are from the Paris Bridal Collection designed by Debra Moreland, and the majority of these works of art can be found at Perfect Details.  Below find some of our newest arrivals, all pieces that have appeared (or will be seen soon) on the head, ears or wrist of Mary, or one of her ladies in waiting.

Paris by Debra Moreland, bridal jewelry, hair accessories
From left to right: Dangerous Comb Set*, Shanghai Surprise Earrings, Fly Away Earrings*, Shindig Bracelet
*New for Spring 2014
Paris Bridal Jewelry & Hair Accessories by Debra Moreland.
From left to right: Moon Moths small bridal hair comb*, Secret Window earrings, Moon Moths bracelet*
New bridal jewelry and hair accessories designed by Debra Moreland for Paris
From left to right Promises, promises earrings, Prosperity small comb*, Secret Window earrings
Paris by Debra Moreland, bridal hair comb, bridal earrings
Midsummer Nights Dream Comb* and Yum-Yum Earrings

Perfect Details has been working with Debra & her team for over 12 years and offers an extensive collection of her unique bridal jewelry & hair accessories. Brides seeking to create a bohemian chic style or that aspire to a vintage look, need search no further.  Discover your bridal style at Perfect Details.

Links to featured items:

Dangerous Comb SetShanghai Surprise Earrings, Fly Away Earrings, Shindig Bracelet (Shindig bracelet also has a matching necklace and earrings)

Moon Moths small bridal hair comb, Secret Window earrings, Moon Moths bracelet

Promises, promises earrings, Prosperity small comb, Secret Window earrings

Midsummer Nights Dream Comb and Yum-Yum Earrings (Yum-Yum earrings also has a matching bracelet & hair comb)

Each bridal headpiece and every piece of wedding jewelry is handcrafted in the US by The Paris team of Artisans according to strict standards of quality and design. You’ll also notice, that each piece has a name associated with a famous musical. What could be more inspiring or delightful?

Paris bridal accessories designed by Debra Moreland, timeless jewelry & hair ornaments that can be enjoyed a life time.