Majorica Pearl Earrings SALE!!

Majorica Pearl Earrings SALE!! For over 100 years, Majorica pearl earrings have been known all over the world as the pearls of the Mediterranean.

Majorica pearl wedding earrings - from classic pearls to contemporary pearl earrings, wearing a pair of Majorica bridal earrings will help you create the look that expresses your unique style. [Read More]
Double Pearl Drop with CZ's
Code: OME1445SPW
Price: $135.00
Majorica Long Vintage Pearl Drop Earrings
Code: OME1299SPW
Price: $225.00
Pearl Earrings in CZ Pave Setting
Code: 72553SPCW
Price: $145.00
Majorica Romance Chandelier Earrings
Code: 72441SPW
Price: $170.00
Majorica Pearl Butterfly Earrings
Code: I2383SPW
Price: $105.00
Pearl Studs with Sparkle SALE!!
Code: OME1618SW
Price: $110.00
White 8mm Pearl Studs with CZ Accent SALE!!
Code: OME0894SPW
Price: $60.00
Majorica Classic Pearl Earrings 8mm Gold Vermeil
Code: 720338PW-2
Price: $55.00
Majorica Classic Pearl Earrings 10mm Gold Vermeil
Code: 720337PW-2
Price: $60.00
Champagne Pearl Studs 10mm
Code: 720359VPC-10mm
Price: $60.00