Evening Earrings

Evening Earrings The simplest accessory and the easiest to wear, nothing changes your look more, or makes you feel more glamorous than a fabulous pair of evening earrings. Earrings light up your face, express your style, and dazzle in pictures.

Our earrings selection ranges from spectacular chandelier earrings to dramatic long pearl & crystal dangles for black tie affairs to dazzling crystal & pearl drop & dangle earrings for parties as well as classic CZ teardrop earrings & colorful crystal drops.

Whether your style is avante garde, classic glam, or understated sparkle, you’re sure to find a spectacular earring at Perfect Details that will make you feel gorgeous. [Read More]
Tiered Chandelier Earrings
Code: 55106
Price: $325.00
Long Vintage Chandelier Earrings
Code: 55103
Price: $410.00
Deco Cluster Pearl Drop Earrings
Code: 15165
Price: $120.00
Red Carpet Statement Bridal Earrings
Code: SW603E
Price: $480.00
Gold Small Chandelier Earrings
Code: 09108
Price: $155.00
Gold Crystal Teardrop Earrings
Code: 09123
Price: $145.00
Gold Navette Waterfall Earrings
Code: 09126
Price: $170.00
Celeste Crystal & Pearl Button Earrings
Code: celeste-earrings
Price: $157.00
Hazel Bridal Chandelier Earrings
Code: Hazel-Earrings
Price: $157.00
Large Crystal Stud Earrings
Code: E558
Price: $215.00
Starburst Drop Crystal Bridal Earrings
Code: E513
Price: $389.00
Small Bridal Chandelier Earrings
Code: E520
Price: $314.00
Crystal Cluster Clip On Earrings
Code: 6537CG
Price: $103.50
Beyond Something Bleu Chandelier Earrings
Code: PJD8114-3s
Price: $165.00
Bouquet with Pearls Bridal Chandelier Earrings
Code: PJD81014-6G
Price: $190.00
Vintage Pearl Should Duster Earrings
Code: PJD81014-2G
Price: $85.00
Ornate Crystal & Pearl Post Earrings
Code: E502
Price: $189.00
Ornate Crystal & Pearl Drop Earrings
Code: E507
Price: $315.00
Curly Top Crystal Bridal Earrings
Code: Curly-Top
Price: $265.00
Bollywood Glam Large AB Teardrop Earrings
Code: SPE-3169-AB
Price: $125.00
Gatsby Glam Crystal Earrings
Code: 39120
Price: $110.00
Gatsby Glam Pearl Drop Earrings
Code: 05118
Price: $155.00
Vintage Long Crystal Drop Bridal Earrings
Code: EC240-CLR
Price: $250.00