Evening Bracelets

Evening Bracelets How fabulous is a sparkling wrist holding a champagne flute or wine glass? Very fabulous.

Whether a formal affair, an evening mixer or cocktails at five, wrist candy is the rage this season. A stunning statement piece or layers of several delicate bracelets or bangles, sparkle at the wrist is the finishing touch to any dress or night-out attire whether itís a simple outfit needing a little something, or an ornate gown that needs a statement piece of jewelry to balance the overall look.

Rows of pearls, stacked crystal cuffs or an eclectic mix of your favorite evening bracelets it's all a go.
Vintage Marquis Crystal Bracelet
Code: 92404
Price: $445.00
Vintage Teardrop Crystal Bracelet
Code: 92410
Price: $230.00
Statement Crystal Cuff with Oval Center
Code: BR244
Price: $445.00
Statement Crystal Bridal Cuff
Code: BR-246
Price: $538.00
Gold Square Filigree Crystal Bracelet
Code: B2021-G
Price: $360.00
Petite Crystal Brooch Bracelet
Code: B214-GD
Price: $357.00
Haute Bride Soft Statement Crystal Bracelet
Code: B243-RD-WO
Price: $375.00
Modern CZ Cuff
Code: KBR447
Price: $248.00
Aqua CZ Princess Bangle
Code: KBR451-bangle
Price: $250.00
Chunky Crystal Bridal Cuff
Code: B218
Price: $435.00
Statement Crystal & Pearl Cuff
Code: SW233B
Price: $425.00
CZ Vintage Bridal Bracelet
Code: B593
Price: $200.00
Venus Crystal Bracelet Cuff, Champagne
Code: venus-cuff
Price: $275.00
Black-Tie Statement Crystal Cuff
Code: BR218
Price: $750.00
Vintage Crystal & Pearl Bridal Bracelet
Code: 05425
Price: $295.00
Mother of Pearl & Crystal Cuff
Code: BR186
Price: $365.00
Couture Pearl Cuff Crystal Accents
Code: BR167
Price: $715.00
Modern Vintage Crystal & Pearl Bracelet
Code: BR-280
Price: $300.00
Vintage Crystal Cluster Bracelet with Pearls
Code: SW387B
Price: $450.00
Vintage Filigree Bridal Bracelet
Code: SW668B
Price: $395.00
Must have Petite CZ Bracelet
Code: B328
Price: $42.00
Delicate Vintage Bracelet
Code: BR9368
Price: $200.00
Statement Brooch Bracelet, Pearl Strands SALE!!
Code: B239-RD-LS-CLR
Price: $259.00
Gold Crystal Marquis Bracelet
Code: 09400
Price: $445.00