Bridesmaid Bracelets

Bridesmaid Bracelets A collection of bridesmaid bracelets to compliment any color bridesmaid dress and please those with the most discriminating of tastes. Our unique collections of bridesmaid jewelry make a wonderful bridesmaid gift and are the perfect finishing touch to this season's bridesmaid dresses.

Bridesmaid jewelry that she will love and wear again and again.
Must have Petite CZ Bracelet
Code: B328
Price: $42.00
Delicate Crystal Link Bracelet
Code: 1611G
Price: $64.00
Petite Pearl with Flower Charm Bracelet
Code: 1671G
Price: $64.00
Petite Gold CZ Tennis Bracelet
Code: BZ5827GL
Price: $100.00
CZ Rectangular Prism Tennis Bracelet SALE!!
Code: B31085
Price: $85.00
Blue Ruby  Chunky Crystal Bracelet SALE!!
Code: 1696G-blue-ruby
Price: $69.00
Champagne Chunky Crystal Bracelet
Code: 1696G-champagne
Ice Blue Chunky Crystal Bracelet
Code: 1696G-ice-blue
Price: $102.00
Pacific Opal Chunky Crystal Bracelet
Code: 1696G-pacific-opal
Price: $102.00
Petal Chunky Crystal Bracelet
Code: 1696G-petal
Price: $102.00
Rosewater Chunky Crystal Bracelet
Code: 1696G-rosewater
Price: $102.00
Gold & Sage Coin Pearl Bracelet
Code: B0086-103-107
Price: $40.00
White Coin Pearl Bracelet with Crystals
Code: B0086C-101
Price: $40.00
White and Black Coin Pearl Bracelet
Code: B0086C-101-105
Price: $40.00
Black Crystal Link Bracelet
Code: 1606-black
Price: $80.00
Jet Black Crystal Link Bracelet
Code: 1606G-black
Price: $80.00
Garnet Crystal Link Bracelet
Code: 1607
Price: $80.00
Multi Blue Crystal Bracelet
Code: Multi-Blue
Price: $48.00
Multi Purple Crystal Bracelet
Code: multi-purple
Price: $48.00
Pink Coin Pearl Bracelet
Code: B0086C-106
Price: $40.00
Stephanie Mini Eclectic Bracelet
Code: Stephanie-Bracelet
Price: $84.00