Bridal Hair Fascinators

Bridal Hair Fascinators Bridal fascinators. A term much more popular in the UK and Europe, a fascinator is a more elaborate design than a hair accessory and considered an alternative to the traditional bridal veil or hat.

In the US we think of bridal fascinators as short veils, bird cage veils or veil alternatives. Combine flowers, feathers, rhinestones and pearls and add a touch of French net or tulle and you have a fascinator.

Most fascinators are secured on a hair-clip or headband. [Read More]
Double Flower Beaded Halo
Code: 704-flower-halo
Price: $275.00
Cara French Net & Floral Hair Ribbon
Code: SG-Cara-Hair-Ribbon
Price: $227.00
Darcy Bridal Hair Wrap
Code: Darcy-Hair-Wrap
Price: $227.00
Peyton Hair Ribbon with French Net Blusher
Code: Peyton-Hair-Ribbon
Price: $297.00
Embroidered Tulle  Floral Comb
Code: C2045
Price: $195.00
Rapture Ribbon Hair Ornament
Code: C059
Price: $155.00
Mirella Plumetis Comb
Code: C064-Ivory
Price: $145.00
Petite Hibiscus Feathered Flower
Code: FF01-Nat
Price: $120.00
Charmante Flower
Code: C094-ivory
Price: $165.00
Mixed Magic Feather Hair Fascinator SALE!!
Code: mixed-magic
Price: $150.00
Juliane Feather Flower Comb
Code: FF146
Price: $165.00
Sophia Barrette
Code: BAR051
Price: $152.00
Pinky Comb by Paris SALE!!
Code: pinky-comb
Price: $105.00
Dolores Headband & Fascinator
Code: dolores
Price: $227.00
Erin Cole Floral Bridal Headband SALE!!
Code: HB-40
Price: $295.00
Convertible Floral Tulle Hair Comb SALE!!
Code: Sloane-Desla
Price: $59.00
Gladys Bridal Hat, Clip
Code: Gladys
Price: $197.00
Vega Feathered Hair Comb SALE!!
Code: Vega_Comb
Price: $69.00
Clara Crystal Bridal Headpiece SALE!!
Code: clara-headpiece
Price: $105.00
Lena Headpiece by a.b. Ellie SALE!!
Code: Lena-headpiece
Price: $95.00
Cammy Veil SALE!!
Code: Cammy-sg
Price: $68.00