The Golden Girl

“There was an excitement to her voice…a promise that…there were gay exciting things hovering in the next hour.”  -F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby 

East Egg was a far different world from what most of us know. Fictional home of some of New York’s most fashionable and affluent residents, life was centered around luxury and pleasure. Prohibition may have been in full swing, but bootleggers were made millionaires and the rich basked in their clandestine partying.

One of the most beautiful women of East Egg was Daisy Buchanan. Daisy’s charming, affable snobbery manifested in pure elegance that has inspired women for generations. She’s certainly not the most morally upstanding woman, but fortunately you can emulate Daisy’s irresistible charm without becoming a “silly fool.”

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Stunning but not flashy, this timeless bracelet would look almost as good in the office as on the aisle.
We love the geometric design and the warmth of the gold–perfect for a Golden Girl inspired look.
Delicately hand glued crystals make this cuff dazzling. Customize the bracelet by adding a broach for a look that’s as you as it is Daisy.
This stunning headband is an easy–and practical–way to add embellishment to your hair.
Pearls are so quintessentially 1920s glamor, and rightfully so. This necklace is beautifully versatile and feminine.
Dare to go big with your bracelet. You’ll adore the interlocking design and showstopping personality of this bracelet. It’s so Great Gatsby it was named after it!
The ornate, artistically geometric design of this bracelet would fit right in at New York’s most glamorous parties.
Drip with ’20s elegance in these tear drop earrings.
 All eyes will be on you in this stunning, bold collar. Elegant and classy in a way that’s not only Gatsby-esque, but practically ancient Egyptian. A piece that will have you turning heads for years to come.

The glitzy styles of the ’20s are sure to make a huge comeback as the highly anticipated film adaptation of The Great Gatsby starring Leonard DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan hits theaters early next year. These classic styles will keep you trend forward while being timeless enough to be worn for the next 90 years.

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