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New Collections from Sorrelli

Sorrelli Jewelry is in a class of it’s own. Season after season they put out some of the most uniquely beautiful collections of jewelry we’ve seen. With their signature usage of colored crystals and an almost ancient feel, we can’t recommend a gander at these pieces enough.

The two most recent collections are stunningly original and inspired crystal heirlooms that will be admired for generations, and are available from Perfect Details!

The Blue Jean Dream Collection features an array of blue jewels set in beautiful, flattering antique gold finish. A classic look that’s as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans, and will take you from day to night, work to weekends.

With varying shades and cuts, this Vintage Circle Necklace is as visually compelling as it is versatile.

The colors of these Cluster Clip Earrings are trend forward and remarkably complementary. Incredibly atypical, these earrings are perfect for the woman who refuses to blend in.

While classically understated from afar, the details on this Vintage Blue Statement Bracelet are, if we may, perfect.

The collection has many other unique, diverse pieces and if you are or know a Cal, UM or other blue and gold school alum, these pieces are flattering, unique, and tasteful ways of showing school pride.

For the urban warrior woman, there is the new Sorrelli Concrete Jungle Collection. Featuring primarly neutral crystals and antique silver finish, the pieces reflect the industrial chic palate of the urban landscape, with splashes of olive green and burgundy for warmth and intrigue. Perfect for the daring woman with a bit of an edge.

While “concrete” is not generally the imagery we expect with jewelry, Sorrelli makes the feat look easy. These Long Crystal Drop Earrings capture the beauty of cities that have been luring in people from around the globe.

This Crystal Bib Necklace is an eye-catching statement piece that’s as unusual as it is captivating. This piece certainly has attitude!

The heart, diversity and unexpectedness of the world’s greatest cities, captured in this iridescent Teardrop Pendant.

You don’t have to be from the Big City to appreciate  this unexpected and original collection. Consistently impressive, be sure to check out the rest of Sorrelli’s collections available at Perfect Details!

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