Sara Gabriel Bridal Jewelry

Sara Gabriel Bridal Jewelry We're thrilled to introduce Sara Gabriel bridal jewelry as part of our 2015 bridal jewelry collections. Feminine flirty crystal bridal earrings, bracelets & necklaces as well as unique shoulder necklaces.

And the best part is that all the jewelry complements Sara Gabriel's Headpieces and Sashes and ships to you within 2 weeks.

Couture bridal jewelry designed and crafted in Colorado.
Stephanie Mini Eclectic Bracelet
Code: Stephanie-Bracelet
Price: $84.00
Michelle Delicate Gold Bracelet with Pearls
Code: Michelle-Bracelet
Price: $216.00
Michelle Delicate Silver Bracelet with Pearls
Code: Michelle-Bracelet-Silver
Price: $200.00
Grace Floral Bracelet
Code: Grace-Bracelet
Price: $216.00
Grace Floral Chandelier Earrings
Code: Grace-Earrings
Price: $173.00
Sara Gabriel Chelsea Earrings
Code: sg-chelsea-earrings
Price: $127.00
Maude Pearl Drop Earrings
Code: Maude-Earrings
Price: $127.00
Meyer Statement Post Earrings
Code: meyer-earrings
Price: $197.00
Matty Bridal Chandelier Earrings
Code: Matty-Earrings
Price: $197.00
Daphne Crystal Drop Earrings
Code: Daphne-earrings
Price: $107.00
Sara Gabriel Michelle Earrings
Code: Michelle-Earrings
Price: $127.00
Hazel Bridal Chandelier Earrings
Code: Hazel-Earrings
Price: $157.00
Astyn Crystal Drop Earrings
Code: Astyn-earrings
Price: $107.00
Celeste Button Earrings
Code: celeste-earrings
Price: $157.00
Daphne Bridal Bracelet
Code: daphne-bracelet
Price: $227.00
Sara Gabriel Chris Bracelet
Code: chris-bracelet
Price: $227.00
Meyer Crystal & Pearl Bridal Bracelet
Code: meyer-bracelet
Price: $227.00
Josephine Shoulder Necklace
Code: sg-josephine-necklace
Price: $297.00
Meyer Bridal Necklace with Side Brooch
Code: Meyer-necklace
Price: $377.00
Sara Gabriel Rose Earrings SALE!!
Code: Rose-Earrings
Price: $40.00
Tesla Crystal Bridal Bracelet SALE!!
Code: tesla-bracelet
Price: $139.00
Sara Gabriel Camille Bracelet SALE!!
Code: Camille-bracelet
Price: $65.00