Cocktail Rings

Cocktail Rings The ceremony is over. Itís time to have fun at the reception! Why not add an element of surprise to your wedding day look with a crystal cocktail ring? Or pearl ring? Or a ring with a blue crystal or stone as your something blue?

Cocktail rings go in and out of style, but regardless if they are at the height of fashion or not, they are always fun. Even if not for your wedding day, a cocktail ring could be the bit of pizzazz your rehearsal dinner dress requires, and what better way to start a conversation with those distant relatives you havenít seen in years. [Read More]
Sapphire CZ Cocktail Ring
Code: KR022-sapphire
Price: $98.00
Canary CZ Cocktail Ring
Code: KR022-canary
Price: $98.00
Amethyst CZ Cocktail Ring
Code: KR022-amethyst
Price: $98.00
Emerald CZ Cocktail Ring
Code: KR022-emerald
Price: $98.00
Filigree Statement Ring
Code: SW560R
Price: $315.00
Large Crystal Cocktail Ring
Code: SW576R
Price: $235.00
Floral Crystal Cocktail Ring
Code: BC56R
Price: $195.00
Catherine Popesco Bauble Ring
Code: 5010G-shade
Price: $46.00
Catherine Popesco Bauble Ring
Code: 5010G-IS
Price: $46.00
Triple Row White Pearl Ring SALE!!
Code: 10001WS
Price: $103.00
Blue Cocktail Ring with Pave Border
Code: R061
Price: $48.00
Chrysoprase Ring Elongated Stone
Code: R417-L6
Price: $285.00
Chrysoprase Ring Oval Stone
Code: R417
Price: $265.00