Anne Koplik Jewelry

Anne Koplik Jewelry Introducing Anne Koplik Designs fashion jewelry. A hand made collection created in New York.

Discover vintage inspired pieces in brass and sterling silver plated brass, adorned with crystals, vintage beads or hand-painted enamel.

Our selection ranges from fashion pieces that can be worn day to night, to major sparkle for both brides and bridesmaids that you can mix and match as you please or purchase as a set. And not to be forgotten...this season's hottest trend: the choker. A fashion piece that has been present in fashion throughout history.
Filigree Black Crystal Drop Earrings
Code: ER-4706-post-blk
Price: $28.00
Delicate Vintage Crystal Earrings
Code: ER-6653-SAS
Price: $42.00
Vintage Blue Teardrop Dangle Earrings
Code: ER-4046-post-Mon
Price: $68.00
Petite Vintage Teardrop Earrings
Code: ER-4556-Den
Price: $40.00
Multi Crystal Vintage Earrings
Code: ER-4674-MUL
Price: $32.50
Champagne & White Opal Crystal Earrings
Code: ER4566
Price: $48.00
Large Round Antique Filigree Earrings
Code: ER-6849-CRY
Price: $42.00
Elongated Vintage Floral Design Earrings
Code: ES-8594-CRY
Price: $30.00
Silver Night Pearl & Crystal Earrings
Code: ES-7937-SNT
Price: $54.00
Dangling Teardrop Earrings, Scroll Design
Code: ES-3111-CSS
Price: $46.00
Flamenco Earrings
Code: ES-7447-BLK
Price: $60.00
Modern Deco Earrings
Code: ES-3117-BLK
Price: $28.00
Velvet Ribbon Choker, Filigree Pendant
Code: NS-3139-CRY
Black Beaded Choker, Filigree Pendant
Code: NK-4706-blk
Price: $48.00
Vintage Blue Teardrop Pendant Necklace
Code: NK-4556-DEN
Price: $46.00
Vintage Style Crystal Pendant
Code: NK-4566-CGS
Price: $50.00
Large Emerald Cut Pendant with Vintage Teardrop
Code: NS-3111-CSS
Price: $80.00
Modern Deco Necklace
Code: NS-3117-BLK
Price: $75.00