Anna Beck Designer Jewelry SALE!!

Anna Beck Designer Jewelry SALE!! Anna Beck Jewelry is a contemporary jewelry collection created using one of the oldest jewelry making techniques in the Far East. Her designs fuse contemporary design & ancient jewelry making skills with the casual flair of the California Life-Style.

Each piece of Anna Beck Jewelry is handcrafted on the island of Bali. Tiny gold or silver disks are meticulously hand-cut and carefully layered on to a metal base, most often sterling silver. Discover intricate earrings, pendants, cuffs & rings of silver and gold patterns created with these tiny discs, as well as pieces brightened with the natural colors of semi-precious stones.

Timeless jewelry to enjoy a life-time.
Gold Drop Earrings, Green Amethyst Stone SALE!!
Code: 879-EGG-GAM
Price: $89.00
Green Amethyst Diamond Shaped Pendant SALE!!
Code: 747-NGGGMOP
Price: $115.00
Thin Cuff with Green Amethyst Stone SALE!!
Code: 789CGGGMOP
Price: $159.00
Classic Skinny Cuff SALE!!
Code: 10CGG
Price: $170.00
Classic Skinny Cuff with a Twist SALE!!
Code: 14CGT
Price: $195.00
Small Hoop Earrings SALE!!
Code: 4EGT
Price: $55.00